Si and imaginative memory

I checked out some deviant art pics, and saw some really cool fractal art and I tried imagining I was in the picture and realized, like when I was a kid, I can still do this to some degree. The result is an actual feeling, a feeling of being present physically, in that space.

I thought about how fractals could be more Ne depending on how novel the specific fractal was, but maybe the feelings of color, space, structure etc could be Si?

Well, I definitely want to pay more attention to both my imagination, and the imaginations of others. So the periods of relief from boredom maybe should have lot’s of music and art as their focus. (if I do a hermetic process of periods of boredom and then fun)

Being able to go into a picture like that, and enjoy it so deeply. It makes me wonder if maybe that is what people should be learning how to do more of, instead of trying to create the physical products. I just wonder, what would the results be, of focused imagining.

Another thing is that power of psychadelics as I hear it described seems to remind of of things that improve Si. Hallucinations, emotional centering, reduced depression that last well after the drug is taken, for example.

Also in terms of building an ISTJ like memory power, if even possible, being able to put oneself into the scene of a mnemonic story or image, meaning see the scene as if you are there, is probably the thing needed.

This allows a few things I can think of.

1. It means you get to immerse in something that is (hopefully) exciting and intriguing so that you are gaining experiences that you could not have without this imagining. Ne

2. Since you are sensing the scene, from inside your mind, I guess this means you are using Si? So is this kind of like a Ne-Si connection. Also is it like a substitute for dreaming.


Aesthetics and Evolution

Well I spent most of today again thinking about what I might want
to do. Like, what I might want to strive towards in life, beyond
the basic ideas like helping others, improving, etc.

I did some research on the development of Fe which led me to
people saying it was about thinking more about others and wanting
to help them more, or something?

I thought maybe this could mean like, career goals would change
depending on hwo developed Fe was, which mine is developed strongly.

Btw, I might have been a tech nerd had it not been for parents gettng
a computer late (lack of funds lol) and schools not understanding me,
plus the way math is taught, yuck lol.

Although as I think about it, I was always more drawn to arts.

I also thought more about me, an my own evolution, and
how best to go about getting there.

I watched some teal swan stuff and in comments I checked out some of
the users and they often had liked some of the same vids as me.
One was a song by freddy and graffix called major happy. As I listened
to it I remembered how much I like landscapes.

I remembered ATB – The feilds of love, which has a music video with
even more of that beautiful landscape, and a few years ago I had a
fantasy about building an aircraft and flying away towards such

I realized beauty is still a huge passion of mine.
I remembered my first girlfriend and how that relationship was
based on our shared passion for all sorts of beauty. We were in
high school and some of wat we were studying back then was interesting,
but if I recall correctly, beauty was our focus then, and I was
very happy.

So part of me wonders what art and beauty do to the mind, which is
I guess where my scientific side will stay active. Wondering about these
things, and what we can do to improve ourlives and evolve.

I think about the fact that eventually we wont have to work as much. I
mean, as people are replaced by computers etc. Iunno, maybe it wont
happen that way, or at least it wont be for a long time.

However, what it made me think about was the celestine prophecy(which my
first gf gave me lol) where beauty which turned into love, was the thing
that was thought to be paramount in a post scarcity post worker society.

So it makes me think…that is when art forms and beauty would become
more important.

As well, I feel like, if people started, not forcing, but advertising
their art more, they would be advertising the idea of art, as well
as sharing the beauty, with everyone.

Well, this all has me thinking, that maybe meaningful work could come
out of just cherishing beauty more, in more productive ways, than I have
been. I mean because lately I have been torn between what would bring me
closer to money and therefore sex, and the fact that my happiness is
important and may not come from those things, and that my happiness is
what might get me those things.

If I were to just focus 100% on even just surrounding myself with beauty
what would happen? I mean take control of my environment in this way,
systematically, based on, and as I continue, becoming more intouch with my

If possible, I would love to be able to create a shift in societies
appreciation in true beauty, as opposed to what I’ve been seeing in
most of the media today which is just watered down.

Davinci was most well know as a Painter.

So I want to do a thought experiment right now. If starting now I were to
surround myself with beauty, what would I do, and what would the result be.

I would do music, maybe get a few new room posters, sing more and walk
around outside more, I could commit to drawing
based on one art peice every day. I could commit to reading a certain amount
of poetry, every day, trying to discover or uncover poets I resonate with.

I just thought of one major thing that could happen which is memory
improvements. I feel like beautiful things , music, art(at least drawing
something) rhymer, etc, are easier to remember. If you think about it,
the more you can (and want to) remember, the more you will have to draw
from when thinking. So really, the more beauty you take in, especially that
which has some intellectual/conceptual competent, the smarter you should get.

So an interesting area to look into would be the bridge between cognitive science
and aesthetics. What are the algorithms of aesthetics and what are the
corresponding states in the mind? For example. I’m guess it will have
to do with being more interconnected conceptually and in the brain.

This is interested as life and reality are also based on everything being

So iunno what is more important to me at this point. Beauty, or understanding.

I guess I should do both as I’ve said. If I can’t produce one day I can
at least surround myself with it in as many ways as possible, and exercise
for more beauty and better perception of beauty.

Human empowerment: Knowledge: Curiousity &| Beauty = Learning

First I’ll just throw out there that maybe I already am compassionate. I mean, I don’t live my life for others only, I’m not some Gandi, but I understand people and can sympathize with people and I don’t get into many fights because of this.

Also I’ll add that there is meaning in just visiting my Grandmother or someone else close to me but who I don’t see often.

The main thing I want to discuss is if it’s possible to make a big positive impact on the world and derive meaning from it, and what would be my special strength to do this with?

So I think when it all comes down to it, people in other countries who have hard lives, well, if they knew more, they wouldn’t have such hard lives. People need to know more stuff in order to become empowered and also to thrive. Knowledge is power. Compassion is actually a form of knowledge even.

So how can I help without burning myself out and feeling empty? Could rely on feeling compassion? I think this would be unnatural to develop these feelings for motivation. Especially because ENTPs are the natural discoverers/innovators. We enjoy seeking and creating knew knowledge.

The fact that I don’t enjoy finding something that has already been found leads me to believe that I derive meaning from the fact that I am finding something other don’t know but might want to know?

Also, the thing I enjoy doing the most, is sharing what I know, especially if I think others could benefit from it. It’s so efficient, so easy, I am never really putting myself out when I function in this way. I’m not saying compassion isn’t important, just that I’m not sure it’s worth making a practice out of it. I mean, the compassion I learned so far, did not come from making a practice out of it, it just came from living, and I guess observational learning from my infj mom and isfx dad and I guess others, and just knowledge. Knowledge of the idea that everyone has their own challenges. This knowledge doesn’t take practice. You just learn it, integrate it by imagining ect.

Also yeah, having parents or people who care about you and want to see you survive, helps you learn compassion in return. Anyways, I’m going off on a tangent, I really don’t want to get into how people learn to love and why it’s important, especially since there are people who don’t. It’s a whole other topic. All I know is I do and I think I feel compassion more strongly for people in need when I know there is something I can do to help. I think that’s how ENFJs put it as well. They have this power to love and do things out of love and so they can’t help but do so.

I think what keeps people from being compassionate sometimes isn’t that they don’t see the value in helping others, but that they don’t think they can do it, or can’t do it easily, and it becomes to hard for them. If I just focus on learning new interesting things and wondering at possibilities and creating them, donating my knowledge is effortless so I will be contributing without effort.

If everyone felt powerful enough that helping other took no effort, everyone would help others. Many software programmers do this because donating 1000s of dollars of knowledge is just copy paste. Basically I’m assuming the “least I can do” is actually the most, and it’s a lot.

Also there is a lot of stuff in the field of psychology and cognitive science, like developmental psych and intelligence and cognition and problem solving. It would be really cool if I could develop methods of learning things faster. Like mnemonics. I guess my language learning method on this blog is kind of a start. More would be good, like if there was a way to do advanced calculations in my head I’d be all over that. Way more fun than pen and paper stuff.

The next idea I want to talk about quickly is beauty and if it’s related to meaning and to learning. So what I think is that it’s related to meaning because it brings pleasure which can be meaningful but even more than this is that that pleasure can be even on a more spiritual feeling level. This is important, it changes the way a person feels about life in general, more positive.

Next, the learning.

Is a theory that says beautiful things are easier to process in the brain, or something like that. I mean, of course it would be easier to process something you enjoy looking at than something you don’t. Well maybe not always, something things that are ugly or bad are shocking or whatever and are learned fast based on some evolutionary adaptions I guess.

What the article says though is that beautiful things are just easier to process because things like symmetry which one common feature found in beautiful objects, is easier to process, because it’s just one side and then the mirror reflection of that side. Stuff like that.

Also I want to not that novelty seems to be a factor, just based on the fact that a beautiful song becomes less beautiful if you heard it already. What this leads me to is I’m wondering if beauty is kind of like a motivation to learn something? Or a reward for doing so efficiently? Iunno.

Ok, so in closing I could focus my free time on indulging in curiosities and experiencing/creating novel beauty. Both at the same time where possible lol.

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