I just started a Mandarin Blog

Before I get to the Mandarin:

I’ll get to the mandarin in a second, first I wanna talk about art. I realized that when doing art and I guess music as well, I am way more motivated when working towards a goal that I will benefit from, rather than just practice. I find I learn pretty fast already and that I can learn things as I go. Practicing just to be practicing…to possible “master” something eventually, doesn’t appeal to me as much and I think that holds me back from any practice at all. So I realized I should probably focus on acquiring skills through purposeful use of them.

The Mandarin(not the restaurant…unless you are asking me out. In either case the following bracket is to close this aside, not to create a sad face with the colon that follows it):

Now for the mandarin bit, if you haven’t guessed already. I decided I should try to find a way to do the same for mandarin, and I realized one of the best ways would be to create a journal. Btw, I can’t help but notice my art ideas(a comic at least) and my Mandarin ideas (blog) are both very social in nature and I am motivated by this I THINK, but I wasn’t a few weeks ago…like back when I wasn’t on nofap. Just throwing that out there as it’s (common)knowledge that testosterone is a pro-social hormone.

Anyways, so as soon as I started making that first post I realized, wow there is a lot of review going on here. First I have to copy and paste from google translate, double checking the characters seem to say what I want to say. Also I can look at the pinyin for the words. Then I have to copy and paste the keywords again for tags. Then I have to search for keywords in the categories, or in this case add new ones as I had no categories as it was my first post.

I think  should do more of this, just immersing myself in Chinese, using it in my life. Using it to express myself.


When not distracted by money: More Meaningful goals that became apparent: Science, Teamwork

After a previous post where I discussed the idea of working to improve the world as a hole I did even more thinking.

Yesterday I realized I could easily start a club or a few clubs to do certain things like get people interested in science together and discuss ideas top-down and see how far we can get simply through discussions and research. I would do this with sciences like endocrinology and genetics as well as social sciences like education. I feel that a lot of people just don’t set up enough meetings. Not enough team work going on between students and most people are content to contribute in their own independent way. However, for me it seems almost the opposite. I know things about many different areas, find it extremely had to chose an area to apply myself to, and very much enjoy getting a bunch of intelligent people together in a room to just discuss.

So this makes me think it would be a very meaningful thing if I were to do this.

Even more recently, like right before starting this post, I was thinking about my blog and how I was stuck at 16 followers for the last month. I realized none of the sharing or liking had done much and realized I would eventually have to start commenting on other peoples blogs if I hoped to get anywhere. If I even want to get anywhere like as far as people reading my ideas, my thoughts and taking something away from it, in large numbers.

I commented on a post about education and then I realized that the exact same thing I planned to do in real life was already available for me to start with online. I could just comment on other peoples blogs when the topics related to my goals for the world.

I feel like, I couldn’t see the value of commenting on other peoples blogs or sharing information with other people before because I was stuck in the mindset of, “I gotta get people to read my original ideas and like me and I gotta be the one man army that everyone comes to for advice on one specific subject because those are the people everyone gravitates towards and so that must be more meaningful.”

Now that I realize my strengths lie more in connecting things and understanding systems and innovating through making connections, I realize I don’t need to be some independent inventor of some unique thing everyone wants. I can be a thought leader without actually living in my basement only. I can lead through my interactions with other people and their ideas.

Motivation and Operant Conditioning and Top-Down Approach

Well, I noticed something interesting about my motivation. On this blog and also on other social networking sites, i notice that at first I wont do very much in the way of promotion or organization. I’ll make a shitty profile and leave shitty msgs. However once in while I’ll decide to try upping my game or something else and because on these websites you get instant reward of social contact if you do the right thing , it seems to condition me very fast to spend more and more time working to improve my results. Fascinating!

This conditioning is not only in the way of doing more of what work though. I also notice that if the things that work, work poorly, I still get tired of that method and try a different method, or even a different website, or goal all together.

This leads me to two important observations. One is the importance of just starting whatever goal it is, no matter how shitty a job is done, so I get real world feedback.

The second is that I take a top-down approach to my goals. Figure out what I want, and then look for the easiest path(usually high level) to that goal. If that yields poor results then I may look just a bit deeper into the system I’m working with, understand just a bit more, and then try again.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with this approach to goals and it seems like a natural and more enjoyable way of working. However it seems academia for the most part think everything is best learned from the bottom up. I actually enjoy learning about atoms and electronegativety, how ever I am learning about it now for a course on human physiology. What I mean is, the instructor told us first thing that we are learning about chemistry so that we can understand cells and organs and organs systems so we can understand how the body works. As well, as he went along he told us about ways this knowledge is being used to increase the number of antioxidant enzymes in rats and how that information may some day be used to increase human life span. This higher order information on what chemistry is used for helps motivate me to want to learn chemistry, even if not to necessarily come up with the fountain of youth myself, just knowing how powerful the knowledge is, makes it interesting, where as otherwise I might not see a point in learning it.

Also for me the difference in motivation when learning about math related to computers and math related to the human body, is great. Even though it may be the exact same math. I realize I am just more interested in the body than in computers. Apparently this has little to do with personality type? This information is important because while both fields and the math for both fields are important, learning math for a reason I can’t relate to will make in not meaningful and therefore a painful and ineffective method of learning.

It seems that while people urge the youth to decide what they want to do with their lives, that experimentation may be an unavoidable necessity for many students unless/until more effective methods of understanding what jobs we would enjoy are developed. Even though I hope this article does help others understand what they may want to do, I’m not saying experimentation should be avoided, I actually found it extremely enriching and I feel experimentation will 1) always have a place at some point in life and 2) for those who want to make discoveries, it should be sought out.

Ways people find meaning + Philosophy Journalism is what I seem to do

Ways to look at meaning in life

1) Meaningful work done to help others
1a) Selflessly
1b) something you also want
1c) something you find interesting(maybe this always impies 1b)

2) Meaningful work being true to self only
2a) sociopathic stype
2b)Just focused on whatever you enjoy hoping to get paid
2c) if you actually love helping people so much(impied 1/1a)
3) Meaningful life 1 or 2, + work for money separatly

4) Meaningful life 1 or 2, + Passionate/Interesting Work Separatly

Another way I looked at the question of what I would enjoy doing that is meaningful enough to me and productive enough that it actually empowers me and therefore empowers anyone I share it with. Not as something to do for money nessesarily, just something I can’t not do. Something I know I must obsess over because it is just so good for me and therefore for others.

I stopped googling for a second and thought for myself and came up with “philosophy” which makes sense considering what I’m typing right now. It really seems to be the greatest source of empowerment in my life. I might not be able to teach kids in africa my philosphies ect but I do think philosophy will lead me to solutions to many problems in the world. If not, it will lead me to a dead end and I will at least know there is a dead end there, instead of never making a choice on what path to take.

I feel like beyond how much I use philosophy, I tend to enjoy it or other interesting concepts in fiction, sciece fiction, ect. So it seems that philosophy may be one of those things I will always have an interest in which would make it the perfect candidate for my education, and blogging, ect. It will be meaningful to me because it makes me happy and empowered to be happier. Nothing else seems to have that power.

I also had the idea that maybe ENTPs shouldn’t try to find one meaningful path and should allow ourselves to do more in the moment educating beyond what we would need for a specific career path. Basically lots of good movies, video games, books, art music, fun shit especiallly that has philosophical message and create my own philosophies as needed. I especially want to allow myself to ponder and wonder at all the little but awe inspiring realities of my life as it pans out.

It’s not that philosophy alone will dominate what I do or think about. Just that I will make an effor to keep it fed through media input and continue to use it to solve my problems, but now as well, use it to solve the worlds problems as well. My developing philosophcal abilities as well as whatever other knowledge areas I need to draw from for the specific problem. This is what I imagine when I think of like, some mysterious genius guy or girl who has the answers to everything. Especially when it comes to helping other people, I think where possible, it’s better to tell them how to solve their own problems, give them the knowledge, the philosophy, instead of charity. Knowledge can be used, built on, and paid forward. Charity, is to make-believe that you are responsible for someone else’s life.

This isn’t to say I wouldn’t give somone CPR if they needed it. It’s just to say I think considering who I am, I may have more to offer as a provider of knowledge for whoever I can reach, than an english teacher in a 3rd world country. If I find that, I am not making money doing this thinking, but AM making a huge difference, I might be willing to work whatever job so I can focus on the thinking. Or at least make the thinking top priorety in my life so that my life retains meaning. It feels weird to call what I do philosophy or philosophizing. Those words have so much stigma. I only do it because it is a category, a field. It seems if something doesn’t have a category, it doesn’t have importance, at least in the view of society. Names give things power. If what I do has no name or no known name, will people respect it. I call it philosophy for the sake of giving an understandable description of what I do. To be honest though, philosophy is what someone else does. It’s what is done by the person who coined the term. What I do… is figure out how to get what I want in life.

Science: Observation and Reflection,Day to Day Blog Operations, how to read through this thang,

I’m deciding now, how to go about providing the most value, all the value I have to give, and with the least amount of effort. I’m trying to find the sweet spot basically. Well my first thought is to simply do it like a journal. Write every major thought I have throughout the day. The pros of this method are …

Efficiency, I would be writing as I think so really no extra time spend
I would be recording more of my life which is good because I like being able to look back on memories
I would build a habit pretty fast doing it every day
I would not leave out any important details or gems that could end up being of major importance later on.

The cons of this method…

I might be putting a lot of information on here that ends up being of little value and is a pain to get through
Also privacy is kind of an issue to me

In reality, I do want to have a journal, a record of my whole life, I would love to have that. I also would rather not have a separate journal for private things as for public things, but I guess I’ll have to so something of that sort, maybe just with edited versions for public. I could highlight as I go along what will be private so I can do the edit as I go along. Doing everything as I go along is so key for me which is why I am typing these thoughts as I have them. If I don’t do this, it will take more effort and time to recall the thought process and then cull what is not as important. I’d rather put it all down and maybe edit after.

In my opinion, contrary to what academics may say, I don’t think presentation is important when it comes to solving important problems. At least for me, if the idea is promising enough, I will read through many hours of shit to get to that idea.  Not to say my writing is shit lol.In fact, I think writing could be much better if injected with a personality, if that personality is likeable(funny mostly). This way all the humming and hawing of the thought process could be injected with humor turning the readers experience into an experience, not a mining process.

So this blog will be my Scientific journal. In it I will be writing, documenting, how I go about solving problems in my life and achieving goals. I will do this with ease by simply using this blog as a thinking space to do thinking(which I need to do anyway) more efficiently.
Then because I am recording all this, I can go back and look at what I’ve wrote and make even more connections and draw more conclusions. Also, since I don’t do that too often, maybe other people who read this will find some new connections ect.

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