The Fertile Male Part 1: Correlation between sperm production and attractiveness

There is a big diff between the nofap protocol and just iunno, being high l-tyrosine

For one, nofap is almost sleep/diet and workout independent.
It’s like it taps into this innate drive. Also and a very important point is the level of attractiveness you have to others. Nofap increases this while high tyrosine maybe does nothing.

It seems nofap is about relief.

Relief from the incessant urge, via ignoring it
relief from the 2am surfing
relief from checking out people who are not interested

however, it is relief and a positive thing, only for as long
as the urge exists. Once it doesn’t, the lack of urge becomes
the thing we want relief from.

Hence the 6-7 day cycle which as well brings relief from the
urge on the last day as well as relief from the impending loss
of drive.

Ah I just thought of something. Here is where I start to make my point.

I was wondering, why such a big deal with the
getting horny and more attractive but only until
7 days and then it going away? why would biology do

Well I thought, what other areas of human physiology work
this way? One is cardiovascular activity, or just general
moderate-intense exercise. After 45 min it becomes counter

So the same could be for somethngn like celibacy.
Well because semen would be produced up to a point (7 days)
making pregnancy more likely (attractiveness and horny)
but after that time it would become less likely after
a wet dream or semen died or full balls, etc.

It seems like the optimal reproductive strategy would be that
fertile males have sex with fertile females.
Monogomy which could easily be just one of the many symtoms of
“lockian or rousseuan society” could be to the detriment of
optimal reproduction.

Now I’m going to go off on a little tangent but don’t worry this isn’t my main point.

That is to say, if a women can only have sex with one man while
in her fertile period, it would decrease the probability of her
giving birth.

for example. A society of 30 men and 30 women, would see one or two
females ovulating per day but 4 or 5 men having gone without ejaculation
for 7 days. So optimal reproduction would mean each fertile women get’s
to be with around 2 men. 2 and a half men lol. one for each night of
ovulation, to give her the largest amount of semen they can.

Back to the main point.
So it would stand to reason that what a women is attracted to in a
man on nofap is THEIR fertility. Just has what a man is attracted to
in a women when she is ovulating is HERS.

SO it would stand to reason that we could create a practice to cultivate
maximum sperm production, just as we cultivate muscle mass, etc.

I wonder what else we can cultivate.

So it should be easy to see why a girl might be less into a guy who
approaches her for sex, but on a day when he is “empty”. I mean
obviously a guy can still be attractive and sex happens for reasons other
than procreation. However what if it’s that for ONS the vibe would be
more of a procreation vibe where as for a longer term thing the vibe
would be sex because you actually like the person.

Now a thought i was thinking that has nothing to do with sex.
Also the test I did for special ed that had me memorize disjointed
items and try to regurgitate them, I would say is not a true
test of learning ability. I mean, it is one form of learning.
However, to say not being as strong in it could be seen as an obstacle
is probably not a very good way to do it. Especially since most higher
level learning is based on systems thinking, the exact opposite of memorizing
disjointed facts.

Anyways, so it would be interesting to research ways to increase fertility
in males. I know testosterone is one way, but I feel like that is just one
factor and maybe not even a factor as apparently testosterone increases after
ejaculation. Well this COULD be as a way of starting up semen production
again. However, starting it up is not what is attractive to females. What
is attractive is having a lot of it and the signal that body language
and attitude convey when that is the case.

So I wonder if anything could increase semen volume without relying on
max testosterone, because you can only do so much where testosterone is
concerned. Unless I start taking supplements for testosterone, which I could
do actually but I feel like would be too much too soon.

I was going to save this for another post but I think it fits in better here so
here are some way’s I’ve thought of to increase sperm production based
on research etc:

Besides supplements for increasing testosterone which are many such as Maca, ashwanganda, etc,
Light therapy (get a lamp that gives 10000 lux light and sit infront of it. Or get lot’s of
sun light. These both help the body prudice FSH and LH which help produce testosterone
and sperm I think.

Next, “edging”, that is, getting yourself worked up through masterbation bu
not orgasming. This is so obvious because what happens when you do this too much? You
get blue balls which is basically balls too full with sperm. However, I notice I haven’t been
getting this lately, i only really got it hen making out with a girlfriend many years ago. However,
during that time I was horny everyday and was doing nofap, before nofap was even a thing.

Now, I’ll stop things here because this idea of edging leads to my next post which will
be on the contrat between the sexual state and the non-sexual state from a very philosophicaland I guess holistic perspective.


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