ENTP-SI and order and aesthetics and rhythm

Si – Organization

I feel like Si, at least for me, is possibly the missing link then
in making who I am come together.

I remember reading the guy on personalityjunkie saying that an ENTP
would do best to focus on the first two functions as far as careers

I guess I agree with that but I think an entp should focus on Si as
much as need just for the sake of personal development which in turn
will lead to getting the career that uses the Ne-Ti and is fun or whatever.

For a very easy and introductory point on the importance of Si, if you
don’t exercise it’s probably that you will feel like shit eventually, which
is Si telling you to exercise. Then you exercise and feel better and
your magnetic personality shines through and you get jobs etc.

More than this, you have so many ideas, but they are not organized in a way
that allows you to present them to anyone else or even look back at any
specific thought you had. In order to do this you need to ORGANIZE them
probably on paper or a blog/journal.

After doing this, and to the degree that you do this, you will be better
understood by the people around you and so more likely to get work.
All because you organized your OWN life to make yourself feel better.

You can think of exercise as physical organization. It sets your biological
clock so you get tired at the right time. It Stokes your metabolism and
reward chemicals. It is biological maintenance.

You can think of meditation as neurological maintenance. You focus on your
breath, or on counting, and your brain organizes itself and grows to become
structured in a more efficient way.

You can think of cleaning your room as spacial or personal facility
organization. You organize your stuff so you know where it is, so your
brain has this same structured image of your stuff. You do the same
for you journal. Your brain will have a spacially structured image
of your life. You can surroung yourself strategically with only posters
that compel you to think about certain aspects of life, as environment
will trigger thoughts and ideas which we thrive on.


As well, I guess you could say order is a form, or maybe even the
highest form, of aesthetics.

Random notes

Si as rhythm, event based, time based, like history, based on duplication,
like the universe. Based on order.

Is there a rhythm in things like writing chinese characters for instance, that
can make the process of writing them more enjoyable?


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