Ne-Ti Career Idea – Philosophy

I have been doing philosophy on this blog from the start I believe.

My idea right now is that, well, for some reason making a living as an artist is said to be hard to do. First I want to think about what possible reasons there could be for this. One is that most artists are just not that good for some reason and that if they were all so able to move people emotionally they would all be able to make money. Another is that people create so much art without being paid for it that it’s almost like art is some sort of by product of certain people and doesn’t need to be supported.

At the same time though, certain types of…well, entertainment, are making money like videogame streaming and possible other types of streaming.

It could be that some of the types of art people are doing are just no entertaining anymore and people just need to find more entertaining styles of art.

Btw if it is that artists are just not good enough then two ideas: one is that people might need to experience and enjoy more of other artists art and be cool with learning from each other more. The other is that maybe artists need to study psychology more to get better at making people feel different emotions.

after this post I’m gonna look up what types of art and entertainment are making money, just because, but I have another idea that could work for me.

The other idea is that all of this work I’ve been doing has been very productive and that if I figure out a solution to this problem of mine I’ll probably help a lot of people. If this is the case then I just need to stick it out and I need to just learn even more and think even more about our world and reality and different perspectives and sciences. This is an emotional path in a way because I am putting everything into finding a way of life that will allow me to be happy.

It is emotional but drawing on and developing my problem solving skills and so this is another thing about emotion that might be underestimated. As well it might be that this level of thinking, in the pursuit of happiness, is actually what I want to be doing with my life. If that is the case then I have learned that it could help to read other peoples though (which I already do a lot of) to help me attain this happiness, by adding more view points and thinking techniques to have I can draw from. As well it’s important for me to have high standards about what I want. As high as possible and never settling, but also be able to see what I have and enjoy that in the meantime.

hmmm, now I’m looking up info on other entertainment. It seems like the business model is a huge part of where the success can come from, as well the new business models that become available with the new technology. For instance, the only reason people pay video game streamers is because that business model exists. There are other business models as well, a lot of them based on donation, that work. I kind of feel like the evolution of business model could stem from and cause the evolution of society and human morality.

I guess business models might be psychological in nature, meaning the way you present your service, how you explain what they are paying for (piece based, time based, etc), may enlighten people, morally, to a different extent, based on the dimensions of your business model. If this is the case that I am in the right field.


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