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This hit home for me as well! I have been thinking lately that I might need to do things more focused on emotions and ideas, especially art. As you said it feels like some art forms, although efficient in terms of expression, can be draining. For me, writing is awesome WHEN an idea strikes me. However, if I have to sit down and write something just because it’s gonna be hard. I want to explore drawing because on the other hand with that I can just start with a reference and work from there. They can both tell a story, they just use different methods. Another pair I noticed is between song writing and just singing. With singing I definitely feel full after every time I do it, where as with producing songs, the song will be good but I usually only work on it for a short while because I lose steam. Well I’m into MBTI and socionics and there are concepts like Ti and Te which could explain part of this like needing a reference or a muse vs getting energy from seeing a blank page. I liked this post.

So I’ll continue from this and say that art might also be good in that it is another way of communicating an idea, but it’s doing it in a way that is iunno, I guess a more efficient way depending on what you are communicating. It just doesn’t take much effort to see what drawing is about, it’s an image. For an ENTP it can be both beautiful and a way of expressing my ideas. This could be good.

Well I guess I can also write(or draw?) to music.

I also have a theory that emotions(especially those felt through art) evolve WITH the evolution of understanding of the universe and reality and beyond, at least for some if not all. The more outlandish our emotions <- -> more outlandish drawings <–>more outlandish thoughts on what is possible.

Another way of looking at this is to say that each art form may have an inspired side and a therapeutic side.

The inspired side is the stuff that just comes to you without thinking about it initially and that drives you to create.
The theraputic side would be stuff were you are using the skill or talent of the art form but for more therapeutic reasons like just singing along with a song because it feels good.

Or it could be, because from singing other songs I eventually add to it, that I just need a reference, something to start with and then from there I take it further and in different directions.

Another note, like singing, I feel that drawing is encouraged by Fe, the idea that I could one day show off what I’ve drawn. However, Fe would be even more important for drawing than for singing because singing has a physical component which is psychologically beneficial in its own right.

Writing it seems is almost like, it doesn’t reach the external world. I often am thinking up scenarios for different events in a story-like format. As well I tend to view my life as a story. However it seems there is a difference between singing and drawing which are both automatically sharable and appreciable and relatable, and a story which might be more personal and self-indulgent. Not to say I want write my stories, just that they feel like the kind of thing to share mostly with people close to me. Or maybe they require use of other art forms to give them life.

Another thing is that it feels like Ne takes in ideas which then charge Ti(or Fi in the case of an ENFP). Then once  the auxillary function is charged to a critical max in a form of art, it is called inspiration and it will be the production of more of the same and eventually and evolution of those ideas.

For instance you hear enough GOOD music, eventually you will have ideas of your own. Look at enough good art and eventually you will have ideas of your own. I don’t know if it is about having a reference or that and seeing ways to improve on the ideas you took in(this could be it).

Another things I realized is that, well for most of my life I’ve been searching for a way to live the type of life of adventure that I have seen in video games. I just realized now that the experience I saw, of the video game stories, is something that can only happen in video games. I mean, I guess I still have hope that there is more out there. However, it’s just, these games were created by peoples imagination. What I loved about the games was the idea, even if it was so intense that it inspires me to want it for my life, it makes sense to appreciate that these feelings are the result of someone who created this thought experiment.

So I feel like, I might enjoy it if I could also create some of these myself.

I keep coming back to games because they are taking a lot of art forms and putting them together plus it’s like another reality you get to explore based on the logic you program.
Now taking what I learned about how Ne-Ti works, it makes sense that my inspiration will come from seeing GOOD games. A lot of GOOD games, and also they need to be at my level, easy to make. After this I should become motivated by the ideas that provoke my Ti and then if I have easy access to the source code I can start making changes and expose myself to those changes. Then, just like with how my music production flow works, I need to expose myself to my creation to inspire myself to add new things to it. Each time I expose myself to something interesting I am seeing it from a new perspective and so I get new insights on what would make it even more fun.

See for the longest time my thing was, figure out how to make enough money so that I can travel and live as if in a video game. Now I’m wondering if what would really make me happy is to take video game ideas further, intrigue myself, create another world to explore. Things like generating randomization could make things very interesting as well, but even beyond that, I feel like just the experience of certain things gives an experience. Sure you could say why don’t you just use your imagination, but then the whole point of ART is that there is a difference at least in intensity between the real and the imagined experience and so we seek to make real, our visions.

I may enjoy and/or need to just generally combine or balance the emotional and logical sides of my Ne. Feeding both of them constantly. For instance the most I’ve enjoyed programming was when I did it with music on. Although I guess in a way that music is partly feeding Si through the dopamine and serotonin pathways.


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