Following the Cognitive Funtions for Career choice Ne-Ti-Fe

Ne is the most obvious one, it’s the head in the clouds, or pattern noticing, etc type of style and it is focused on things that impact the external world etc. I don’t think I need to say much about this, at least not now.

The difference between Ti and Te is very important in career choice at least for me and even just for education and just knowing what my strengths are and where my interest comes from.

I feel like Fe hasn`t been stressed enough in it`s importance for careers. People seem to assume if you have Ne and Ti then you could do all the math and programming etc and so you can do anything. However, for me, because Ti is focused on my inner world, it doesn’t motivate me to produce anything, so I feel like what motivates me to produce is Fe.

I have been able to enjoy programming but the part I would enjoy most would be when I got to print actual words to the screen. It made the work seem human to me and this is important.

I mean, I have my own interests but many of them like language and sexuality are based on being social.
Then I feel I have the ability to be interested in a project if I am working with other people and contributing to something in this way. I could even do programming if I was doing it in a pro-social way.
Then there is writing and teaching which I enjoy especially when I get to express my own ideas.
So I wonder if maybe I should be focusing on something like technical writing and writing in general or if I should

hmm, so something just happened lol

I went to the gym as usual but I realized I just couldn’t stop thinking about my situation. Just wanting a job, wanting the ability to support myself, and it taking so long to get it. I then realized I was in a kind of loop of thinking about this and my workouts were suffering because I wasn’t sleeping properly because I just stay up thinking about these things. So I decided instead of continuing with weights I would just do a jog.

After the jog the more relaxed perspective has slowly been coming back to me.

First I realized, if I just want to support myself, I might as well settle for whatever I can easily get like security jobs or maybe personal training jobs.

Then I started thinking about the situation from the larger picture which is that we have this technology being built that is supposed to help us but it seems only the people who are into technology get those benefits. Also in general everyone is in a competition for work, when we are supposed to be a society working together to make a better life for all of us and we are failing in that it seems.

It makes me feel like the contract we entered into as a society was not for the good of us all but just the good of the individual. “How can you help me, because if you can’t you are expendable”·

After a nice jog ı am seeing that big picture and seeing that just supporting myself might not be enough for me. I’m seeing that I want social relationships, love, harmony, peace, joy, etc. That is what I want for me and everyone else. I’m definetly not willing to work and worry intensely over something as fickle as being able to move out. What would be the point. It’s a dead end, that mentality, that I would be free if I could just move out. I feel that true freedom comes from first knowing what is truely worth pursuiing, or at least what is not, and freedom comes from the mindset of putting passion/love/happiness first. When I am focused on the idea that moving out will bring me some sense of freedom, it’s focusing on lack because the reality is that I am not moved out and will not be for a while and so seeing it as being where my freedom lies is really not the right mindset. this is not the same as the mindset of making the world a better place which is a mindset that is not based on the view that one is in a place of lack and needs to work out of it, and also it is not based on the idea that one is not even free and needs to work to become free. The reason I have not moved out is because there are much more important things for me to focus on. I guess sometimes I get distracted by that when I see all the sex I am not having but really that is more a function of living in a society that needs more people to focus on making the world a better place.

Basically, to not have anything more important to focus on than moving out is a recipe for disaster for me because it means not believing in the things i really see as important and focusing on things that are really not. if i actually did move out after finding another job, well for one i would have less time to work on the important things but iunno, would i even feel a sense of freedom, if i have always been focused on way larger things than cars, homes, etc. i feel like i’m just not that type of person and so having those niceties would not be satisfying. thats not to say i wont one day want and achieve them, it;s just that if i do things out of order by working shitty jobs to pay for something i dont ned yet while sacrificing time and energy that could be spent pursuiing the things that would really light me up, i am acting in a less efficient manner

As well, focusing on emotion will create stronger attraction which will automatically create opportunities to work with other people. However, I can’t focus on this aspect if ı want to be truely authentic and inspired enough to have an impact.

now what I want to focus on, what I want to achieve, I feel is something Ive always been focusing on and wanting to achieve, which is…well many things, one is a more adequate understanding between all people as part of an attempt to promote human wellfare, another is the exchange of ideas, and another is the exchange of emotional ideas and the other is the exchange of sexual ideas.

most if not all of these can be categorised as spiritual pursuits in one way or another although maybe spiritual as the wrong ring to it. so these are things that i want to do and i dont care who else will support me because i am intrinsically motivated to achieve these things. so what i need to ask myself is, are these things important enough that i could sacrifice years of my life going without certain things? would they promote a sense of self respect within myself?

It seems like much of the creativity Ive been using throughout my life has been based on creating better understanding about life in general and better and different ways to think and to be. stories were important for a time but now i feel like i would be better off creating my own and exploring what i can discover in doing so. iunno i just feel like, freedom for me is when i can see my own goals are more important than anything anyone else could grant me. it feels like that is what i need to be happy. to find a way not to be content but to be increasing in happiness and love through only my own intrinsic desires.

so going to meditate in a temple is not enough. i`m looking for epic improvements in my life but through things i actually find epic, instead of through things that it seems anyone could do. things like language and psychology and fitness but also things like music and creative writing. these are things that can be epic to me if i explore them and discover things. none of these are things people would say are super in demand in the working world, however, they are also things that a person can achieve all on their own for the most part. to be free then, would mean to strive for something epic in these areas without ever looking back at the car or house i could have had otherwise. so its about realizing that if im so motivated towards these things, there must be a reason, they must be good for me, and obviously better than the things that would equate to houses or cars. so these things im motivated to do then must be the things that if i kept doing them i would improve at a very fast pace and it is most likely that these would be the areas were i would be able to become an authority. maybe not in each area individually but in some holistic sense. then either people would recognize this achievement, or if not, i wouldn’t care, because i would be living because i would have developed these skills that make me happy. anything else would just be extra.


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