Things I want to do with my productivity, and way to use Ti

So now I guess I’ll list the things I wanna do with my time

I guess I really just need like 5 hours every day

Learn Chinese 20 minutes a day
exercise & stretch
I kind of think I’d like to get into archery again

creative stuff


video game? —- this would allow me to do creative and possibly
work stuff at the same time and get a portfolio thing going.

work stuff

Create Portfolios for different areas or one specified area

Going to meetups will be something I can put on a resume
or portfolio, especially if I were to start a blog, but this
might be just adding more than I need.

If my focus should be how I can contribute then I need to focus on

I just thought of a way of problem solving if my theories would work
or not. If I have evidence that the basic idea of it has worked in
another way in my life, then it might work else where.

For instance, creating a video game so that I’m combininf work
and music, and story all in one, is the idea of killing more
birds with one stone? Will that work?

Well for my fitness goals, doing full body, it has worked so far

With school the option of cognitive science allowing for philosophy
and psychology as well as electronic stuff, this has also worked out
so far.

Infact this is somethign creating a video game would be able to be
applied to so I should consider that if I want to create a portfolio.

I mean if I made a really cool videogame, cool on as many levels as I
can think of, not only would it stand out without me having to be
a pro in any area, but it might be way more fun. Also it would set me up
as an authority on this new way of thinking.

Another way I’ve been killing  multiple birds is through using fl studio
intead of just playing piano so I get to have any style of music I want
and any instrument, right there.

I guess just having all these different things that I can combine is
like, I never get bored, I can always do something else and add it to
whatever I’m working on. It’s like the ultimate Ti way of living. I’m
building up this network of ideas and just stringing them together
in the ways that they fit. Instead of working on any one goal. There is
no goal, just expressions of Ti.

Just like how my blog posts are simply me writing thoughts as they come
to my mind…well as I try to solve problems yes, but still the idea
is that if I can do the work, I can also be weaving together these
connections as I go along and learn more.

CHaracter idea, person who has philosophy that everyone actually
wants to die based on our organic “propencity?” to die, and so he
decides he wants to help everyone die.

Story idea the undulating feilds that twist and fall back on each other
that kids approach and don’t know what to think.

The story idea of a world were math is different because physics changes
maybe when a person consiously uses math to interpret reality.
So trying to count 10 oranges you will actually have to count and
write it as elevent because at number 9 and phantom identity of 10 will
appear so you will have 11 in total but only while counting, you can’t
actually utilize the extra orange, or at least, you can’t eat it.

ofcourse an important motivational thing is to start small. So like I
do with songs, I need to do with any video games I make. Just learn
one new thing each day and add it to the game and with story behind it,
or something like that.

Or maybe solo stuff isn’t the best use of my time iunno, but I at least
need to put something online every day that shows my ability to work
and get somehting polished completed.


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