Quality > Quantity especially for ENTPs who have such a broad range of interests

Now another way to look at the job situation as by finding way to
expand my options.

What do I want to have as options for jobs.
I will need a portfolio for each thing I want as an option.
As well, all those things can function as a portfolio on their own.

So I can apply something like the bird stone technique here.

Instead of focusing on quantity in each area, I can focus on quality in
each area and then when they are put together I will have the quanitity as

So instead of trying to upload a bunch of covers I really only need to upload
one two or maybe three really good ones.

Same with acting.

Same with humor


So I can take my time in each area, doing as many takes and adding
as many ideas to it, until I get the one perfect take.
On top of that, in doing something with as high quality as possilbe
I will learn new skills and knowledge that will make doing subsequent things
at such high quality easier to do.

So what Dan said is partly true. About mastery of something leading to everything
being easier. However I don’t need to master a huge thing. For example,
I don’t need to master all of piano. I can master just one song.
Same with singing, acting, etc.

So this is lateral mastery.

I can put everything into one small project and make it really really good.
Maybe change my mind along the way about what I actually want to make in
that area if I get inspired in anoter way. Then I can just keep imrpoving
my idea as I work towards it until eventually I get there.

I can see a paralel here in how my fitness has been going. I’ve
obsessed about different things as I went along but I’ve kept getting better
and with more knowledge.

Then I wouldn’t even have to worry about quality because if that one thing I
do is awesome enough I will be able to attract other people to help me with
any other ideas I want to work on afterwards.

This is something I guess I could apply to any feild. It’s just a philosophy
switch, and I might be able to make it. Focus on quality and only laterally
on quantity and hope you stand out. I feel like I would stand out if I did
things this way. Way more than I stand out going only for quantity, and
maybe with the same amount of work if you think about it. If you look at
how long I’ve been on youtube, how much time I’ve put in, but just in
bad quality stuff. If I did the same with high quality stuff I might do

Again, when it comes to fitness and the body we all are focused on quality
just naturally because you only have one body to make awesome as possible.
For me the results speak for themselves. I’ve often thought, if I put the
same effort I put into my body, all the research and experimenting,
into something like programming, I would be amazing at programming.
However, the story online is if you want to be seen you gotta be prolific
which to me means you need to have done a whole bunch of different projects.

Iunno, I’m starting to think what would work better in terms of my learning
and in terms of becoming more attractive in that feild, would be to focus
on one project that I slowly add to over time for as long as I live.

Not sure what project it would be, probably a game though, and I’d just
do it in a modular way.

Then I can do the same with music. I write one song, that I just keep adding
to forever. One story the same way.

I then put all these things together and what comes out is what comes out.
I can then break the song into pieces or whatever but by refering to it and
viewing it as one song that I just add to, I keep from the feeling of needing
to complete something and so I will learn revel in the reward of just adding
to something instead of to completing something just to say I’ve completed
another something.

I feel this is a more holistic philosophy.

If I use youtube though, I guess for the sake of the audience it would be
better to have separate channels with just links, so as I upload UPDATES
not individual things, people would only see updates for the stuff they
already like. Also the links will allow people to see the other stuff I
have going on.

It feels almost risky to have just this one thing that I keep adding to, like
if I lose it or don’t finish it or if it’s destroyed then I’ll have nothing
to show for all my effort. Iunno maybe that is part of what got me in that
quality of quantity mindset. It’s like a scarcity mindset I realize. The idea
that you should have a swarm of stuff instead of just one good thing.

Bruce lee fears the man who practised one kick 1000 times.

So if I do something on youtube like a channel about MBTI, in will be like
one series dealing with one topic with as high a quality as possible. I would
rather 1 minute of high quality that takes a month to produce than an amount
of low quality.

People want high quality. I want high quality.

I feel like people would be more impressed even, if I showed them 1 minute of
a work in progess, if that minute was high quality. Than if I showed them
any amount that was lower quality.

I bet also that I could enjoy doing the smallest aspect of something, at
a very high level, even if it’s not the completed vision, especially if I
am to say the vision will never be completed, but will be in a constant
state of evolution and growth.

Also that it will have an interconnectedness with the other things that I
do and maybe that too will be in a constant state of evolution and growth.


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