The type of play you choose

I am just looking back on the times I’ve been most productive. I remember I had rules, certain things I didn’t allow myself to get too involved with because I realized it becomes hard to stop.

Back then though it was mostly stuff like tv shows, and research and ideas. These days…well I guess it’s just the research and the ideas. Like I have so many ideas of things I could be doing…that I am too distracted to do any of them. I just think about them and it’s like I’m addicted. I think about them and research about them. Well I guess I’m learning, and narrowing things down in terms of what I really want and the best ways to go about getting them. So I guess it’s rewarding and therefore addictive only because it’s actually useful.

However I feel that if it becomes unbalanced the usefulness will be outweighed by inability to act on any of the ideas I keep thinking about. This is the Te vs Ti if you are into mbti. I have Ti meaning I like constructing knowledge far more than using it in the production of something. Someone with Te will trust resources more for information and mostly just act on it.

What I had when I was more productive was a routine where for instance I would have 9am till 5pm where I alternated between an hour of play and up to an hour of work. During that play period I would do something that I wouldn’t get “addicted to”. Something satifying but not like something that was so stimulating that I would be day dreaming about the ideas it gave for hours after.

Ok so this is gonna be a productivity hacks post I guess

So I did an hour of studying no sweat and after that I realized I was shaky so I guess the green tea is working as well as probably all the other little things I’m doing right which I’ll outline.

I set an hour on the clock which is time boxing. Every time I thought damn I wanna think about something else I just thought, in an hour I’ll be able to and I will have completed an hour of work.

Also I worked as fast as I could effectively, skimming where I could. It’s like when I’m at work, even though know I’ll be there for a set time, the faster I work the faster the time seems to pass. It’s like I am just more engaged.

I was sitting on my bed, no need for any environmental stimulus, just my bed and my text book and taking notes on my lap top.

Well note taking always helps. It’s one thing to just skim, but if you skim because you are searching for the important stuff and then take notes on that stuff, it’s way better.

So now that I’m on my hour break and I am only giving myself an hour that means I need to make the most effective use of my “fun time”. This kind of puts me in efficiency mode but for fun. Which is good. See a lot of people come home from work and to unwind they watch mindless tv shows or something else really unfulfilling. Then they wonder why they feel so empty. I notice the same for me when I’m just surfing the net aimlessly or based on past goals, just going through the motions again, really just “passing the time until I can do x”. I haven’t thought about this as much in a while but the reason why I felt the need to pass the time was probably because I wasn’t thinking about how to get the most use out of that time.

I was just thinking, “ah I’m too tired to study right now, or I just came back from the gym or iunno, so I’ll just take an hour break to surf for whatever. That unfulfilling hour begs for another then because you don’t gain energy from things like that, you only lose it. It’s the dopamine cycle. You get dopamine from going about things in a PRODUCTIVE goal oriented way and you lose dopamine if you go about them in a passive “entertain me” way.

So time boxing is not about an hour work an hour of “chill”. It’s about an hour of material production and an hour of spiritual production. You spend an hour doing things that are “work” goals. Then an hour of more “interest” based / health based goals…or recharging time. There is no chill.

Also no one else is home, which was the case back when I was productive a view years ago.

Also I just finished watching a video by an ENTJ if u r into mbti, it was motivating. So I could start my day with videos by someone who motivates me, or use it during breaks. It would be like how I used FFX, and certain tv shows to get me motivated.

Also it really feels like this ability to work hard is a key to confidence. Like, even if I don’t have a well paying job. Knowing I can work hard, and that I am working hard makes me feel unstoppable. It could be the green tea, but I’m sure just generally achieving goals increases dopamine which could increase confidence. Also this confidence seems to extend to meeting women as well. At least I mean, I feel like my time is more valuable because I am doing things that light me up, so if I’m going to talk to a women I’m just gonna do it and do it quick and intense enough to get the point across and then get out of there because I’m on the clock with awesome shit to do.

I feel like this would be closer to what people would describe as someone with a “life” except for me a “life” is this thing I had to construct and understand on some many levels.


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