Daniel Pink’s: What motivates us (For me, Contribution)

I feel like this might be what puts everything together for me but I’ll make some points to help cement things:

When my grandfather would offer to pay me to do chores for him, he would then micromanage how I did the chores. Every time this happened I though, “I would be happy to do this for free for him, if only I could do it my way”.

When I studied for 5 hours a day for a personal trainer exam, it was for the dream of having money that I could use to hang out with people.

What keeps me and probably a lot of other people motivated in school is that they are working with other people and don’t want to be left out/left behind etc.

Games, MTG, Star Craft, any multiplayer game, as soon as I have a few rounds with my friends, I get inspired sometimes to the point of obsession about how good I could get at it. However, after a few days away from my friends I stop caring about the games. Online is not enough. I mean, do I really care about getting good at a game to impress people I can’t even see.

Now Dan pink talks about the things that motivate us, and I admit if I had a full time job I enjoyed enough I might not even be thinking about this. However, living with my parents I feel trapped. So money does factor in to a certain extent. How I go about getting there though, is where it comes back to what motivates me and so far all I have been moving towards is more school.

However I feel like if I had some other people to work with on ANYTHING almost lol, I could be motivated. Programming, sure, I just need meaning and I feel like I find it best through CONTRIBUTION!

As Dan Pink said, if it was something simple like washing dishes in my part time job, sure I can do it for the money lol, but the more challenging the thing becomes, the more I feel sitting at home working on it until I can make money, is not meaningful. So I will try GETTING INVOLVED with programming somehow. It will require the real world and it will require meeting the right people. I feel like it’s worth focusing on though.


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