Aesthetic Motivation

I am attracted to beautiful things. I am motivated to move in the direction of what is beautiful. This is how I am as long as I am not distracted by other ideals which may not actually be helpful.

For instance, if I need money, should I still move in the direction of what is beautiful, in order to attain more opportunity for monitary gain. Some people would say I should try to get into technology because it is a good way to secure a job. I have tried to do this and even if I had got a job I don’t know that I would have been happy. Half of my waking life would have been spent studying and looking at things that I don’t believe to be beautiful. Although in some sense I think technology could be seen as beautiful, I feel if I am not already attracted to and interested in it, then it must not be beautiful enough. So I would end up working on things I don’t like, assuming it would make me enough money, to achieve the things I do think are beautiful. When I think about how I don’t want to be homeless or living on my own, it’s because I don’t want to end up diseased and unhealthy and therefore unattractive and unapproachable and unable to be and have contact with the people and things I feel are beautiful. Maybe this sounds kind of shallow but really it’s a form of motivation in the direction of what is best for humans. That is what the sense of beauty is. I feel this sense strongly and so I think I need to trust it as an instinct.

So as far as I know this motivation and the strength of it isn’t based on doing ugly things and trading them for something beautiful. It’s about at all times seeking to achieve the greatest beauty possible. It is not simply visual, it is not simply of the five senses, it encompasses emotions and logic and other things as well I believe.

So I feel like what I need to do is move towards beauty. I also feel that no matter what your interest is, as long as it is an interests where you are willing to learn more and improve, eventually it will grow to incorporate all of knowledge. It’s the idea of “all roads lead to rome”. No matter what you study, eventually it will teach or require the learning of everything else, to get the full picture. I mean after all, everything is said to be connected. So for this reason, it doesn’t really matter if you study computer science, or philosophy, or business, or basket weaving. As long as you are learning more and expanding your view of the subject(s) you learn because of an innate desire to know more etc, you will eventually end up learning everything else. Eventually. If you are the type of person who would like to know everything. If you are not, then you probably wont.

Following aesthetics makes even more sense in light of that fact that it will eventually lead to the study of whatever else I need to learn, when the time is right. It’s like in a game, where you don’t bother learning everything there is to learn about it but instead you learn as you go along and this helps you stay interested.

So the next thing I realized, is that while the stuff like being in shape, good music, etc are aesthetic, these are…well it’s almost like I need them in certain amounts, but there needs to be a balance. Aesthetic sense is a sense that humans have possibly for to help us survive and thrive. So beyond things like seeking an attractive mate, enchanting forests, and blue skies, we seek other things. I argue that the things we seek, we seek them because they are beautiful. Someone might enjoy programming a computer because to that person, seeing the computer do things based on input commands, is beautiful. For me it seems things like philosophy and especially when they connect many different ideas in some unifying way that makes sense, that to me is beautiful I think. Or another example of this is metaphor in poetry and song and how that is seen as beautiful. Anyways, it’s just that if I were to focus on things like fitness and music I am pretty sure I would feel unfulfilled. I need that intellectual beauty, so I feel like I might need to take more philosophy at school.

So if given the choice, which so far I think I have, of what to focus my energy in the support of, I think I would choose philosophy over something like Programming. What else though, iunno, maybe literature or some creative writing could be fun. It just seems that although I like and am attracted to art, when it comes to expressing myself, I seem to most enjoy expressing intellectual ideas. It’s like the art inspires me, but then I transmute that inspiration into something that adds value in my situation. Or something iunno. So I’m creative but in creating knowledge based on beautiful things? lol iunno, I have visual art ideas too, I’m just lazy to produce.

Also, I have always wanted to build a house. I like architecture.


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