Social-Emotional Ability and Human Evolution

I’m am continuing to notice the importance of certain social factors. Humor is an important one. A little humor goes a long way in improving the social environment around me I notice. As well as even just my outlook. For instance, sometimes when I go to the gym I get in a serious mood. Like, I feel like I have to be in this serious zone to get the most out of my workouts, and I see people around me, checking each other out, and it’s like a silent admiring/competing/respecting/judging vibe and it’s so easy for me to just fall into the aloof gym working out hard core and ignoring everyone, At least it helps me maintain my own sense of achievement and importance and only let in people who seem to be respecting or admiring me. However, I guess there is a part of me that just enjoys that serious mode. It’s kind of empowering, so I don’t think it’s all posturing.

However, I realized for trying to get to know people actually, like girls etc, that vibe doesn’t work. I mean I still get checked out, but it’s not the real me and so I can’t turn around and try to be friendly because I’m just in the wrong state of mind. It’s like I’m so focused on that state (which is only compounded when girls are actually ATTRACTED to that state, that I put aside the more playful side of me and just assume the serious state is working. However it isn’t “working” if I can’t approach in that state. I realize though that I can easily, once I realize what I’m doing and the consequences change my mind and just go into the humorous side of myself if I want, provided my mood is good enough generally.

Anyways the main thing I wanted to write about was that I get this feeling like I would love to contribute to science like to human evolution, and to my own evolution. However, science is huge, and many of these improvements to many people working on them. So it seems like it doesn’t make sense for me to try and go at my own evolution alone. It makes more sense for me to focus on 1. my ideas, and 2. sharing those ideas with others and reaching consensus AND 3. I feel like social skills like humor go a long way to improving human interaction which is important for team work which is important for scientific progress.

So this helps me get a better idea of what I have to offer in this area.

Also as far as motivation which I was talking about a few posts ago, knowing how to inspire people and make learning material interesting would be very important in teaching other people about ideas so they can be on the same page.

Actually if I look at what ways there are in improve human life beyond just going into science and into research, there are several alternatives. One is investing IN those scientific advances. So really you just need a job to get the money to invest. Beyond that is to start an initiative to get other people involved in investing and supporting the same organizations. This leads to more general political stuff. Really though “politics” seems really a murky area. I’d rather stick to educating the public, ground level stuff, and let them do the right thing, whatever that is.

So that also gives me more ideas. Like, maybe what I really want is to speak to people about the importance of science and what the world could look like very soon if more people got together to help shape it. Really it’s all about what you can get people to come together to focus on. If not enough people come together to focus on human rights issue in other countries, nothing will be done in those other countries. Same with things like scientific improvement. If people don’t come together around important causes, if everyone remains distracted by things that ARE more entertaining to the majority, then the people who see the importance of science will remain the minority.

I’m not sure if I should focus on science or on human rights though. However, I feel like I could enjoy educating people about movements in either area even if those movements are not by own creation. However, I also would probably have ideas and would want to have them heard if any of them were THAT good.


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