Gamification: Try to solve it a different way (discovery)

The title is basically the whole post but I need to elaborate.

How I got to this idea is that I wonder why I like MTG deck building but not programming when they use the same logical process and MTG does require implementation which in most cases I would bawk(spelling?) that implementation process.

I mean, programming, and math, are interesting, and powerful ideas. However, actually sitting down to do it, is usually not.

MTG is not fun if I’m just making a deck with no one to play, however the fact that I need to “test my deck out” on someone, could be a factor in that, where as with programming and math it is just either working or not working.

So I realized in MTG the thing that has always kept me interested is that I would always try to think of other ways to achieve my goals, never just doing the tried and true methods. I always want to challenge myself to make something work that otherwise wouldn’t work.

So I want to try this with programming. I know for a fact that I can get at least a small amount of interest from math in the rare times I feel there may be an alternative method to solving a problem. I wonder if it’s just that I could show it to someone else, but I feel it could be even more about the contribution I would be making by discovering that I could do something a new way.

It’s like, it’s my power. The thing that sets me apart and makes what I am doing feel valuable and therefore fun.

So I want to try to apply this to programming. I could start with the simplest programs and tutorials and just trying to do things in a totally different way than is being taught. It might require that I search the libraries even more frequently. This would be just like searching magic binders for new ideas of things to add to a deck. Then, to be able to comment the code and share it with other people, would be a way of having an intellectual connection.

I feel like school systems that don’t reward this way of playing, discourage it.

So if personal development and challenge were important for me, than this creative challenge would be a great way of getting that.

The reason I guess that in cases like this where I am willing to implement the new idea, is that instead of just saying “oh, I just thought of something, we could solve this a different way”, in this situation I actually have to prove that I can do it. I can’t just say it’s possible because maybe it’s not, or maybe it is but it’s horrendously inefficient. I have to prove it otherwise and it’s almost like it’s easier to actually implement it, than to explain exactly why it’s possible. Also like, if I can’t even see that it is, I need to implement it even just to prove it to myself.

Damn, in starcraft I am the same way. Looking for different ways of solving things. The thing is, in starcraft and MTG and music, trying out new ways of doing things results in lot’s of losses and music that most people don’t care to hear lol. Also at least with MTG and starcraft, it is a very small world and there are only so many possibilities and people can actually calculate at least most of the best ways of doing things. Therefore trying new things more often wont result in winning more and in games like that winning is the only way the work will pay off. SO winning is based WAY more on just doing what works and practicing those things for months.

With programming, even if my new method is not as good as the original, I am still learning and that leads to jobs.


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