so I have this observation that becoming less engaged is likely to happen in learning when the learning is done in a way that has little variation.

A broad example of this would be, learning new material, but using the same methods, never changing. Could get boring.

Even more interesting though is within a single learning session, what makes it harder to remain engaged.

Today (as has happened before) I realized the importance of skimming over the less important information in a text for school that was very wordy. Skimming until I “find” something that strikes me as significant allows me to get and stay engaged and even motivates me to go back to stuff I skimmed if I need to , in order to make sense of the more interesting bits.

I feel like my motivation hinges at least partly, on how significant what I am learning could be to my life and/or the world. Or how important it is for ME to know the specific thing.

Anyways, that is a tangent. The main thing I want to get at is if for example I am learning Hanzi and just reviewing or making stories the same way for 20 or so, how can it possiby remain engaging. It seems sometimes that being “engaged” for me, actually allows for some moving in and out of focus, or at least having different areas to focus on, instead of being focused on one thing only for a long period of time.

Another example of this : Jogging outside vs on a treadmill facing a wall vs outside with music.

The more things you get to focus on at once, the more fun the task can become.

So we have SIGNIFICANCE of the material, and MULTIPLE POINTS OF FOCUS (Novelty).

SO with learning a language I feel it is easier to remain engaged if I have more to focus on or work on at once, instead of just one thing.

So for example learning sentences instead of hanzi.
Hanzi: learn the meaning/story, repeat for each one

Sentences(the way plan on trying): Search for interesting sentence, add it, read it and pronounce it, write it down, see translation(the interesting phrase you picked), next.

The sentences way is more work, but it’s also way more and varied activity so I feel like it could be more fun.

The novelty factor is present when I skim to the important stuff as well because if the important stuff is stuff I already get, then it isn’t that fun. I like important stuff that is NEW to me. Skimming to increase the probability of finding that kind of stuff, makes the process more enjoyable.

Even working out with weights is more fun when there is more going on around me. People, music, increasing weights.

So I guess if I can seek novelty in all my work maybe that’s what I need. However, I want to seek novelty without having to create it all myself. I create some, especially when day dreaming, or in class discussions. However, I feel like…iunno, like a streamlined process of learning would have me just seeing or coming across all novel material enough that I wouldn’t have to be creative all the time. I mean, reviewing my own creativity can get dul very fast as I’ve seen in learning Hanzi.

I could benefit from reading/skimming multiple texts on the same subject.

Iunno, I kind of feel like as far as physical fitness is concerned…the only valid equivalent I can see is striving to improve vs maintain. As long as the workout is going, you get the mood boost. The body doesn’t get “bored” of doing the same exercising, but instead doing those makes the CNS wire the movement patterns more efficiently.

Iunno, the main thing is that I don’t get bored nearly as easily workout my body. I guess as I wrote in another post, working out doesn’t require all my focus. I can day dream in between sets, or simply just mire my reflection.

I guess it’s also like music or singing that way. An expression of beauty, doesn’t get old the same way learning something significant does once you already know it, or learning the building blocks to something significant, if learned all the same way.


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