Who do I want to work with

This seems to be an unexplored area when it comes to job hunting. That I believe could be as a result of 1. the focus I’ve had on my independence (before it was, wanting to be successful all by my self etc) and 2. my not wanting to cheapen relationships by making money a part of them.

Well, now I feel like, I can see why networking is important. It’s not like we are COMPETING for limited spots. It’s more like, we don’t have enough of a network for everyone to be able to trust each other. I mean, people higher people they KNOW because they TRUST and LIKE those people. I can get into how to become more likable but that would take a long time and be different for each person. TRUST I think comes naturally if you are involved in something you think is worth while.

Um, so the thing I want to get at is, it seems for me, that the reason why the job market seems so much like a no man’s land, is less because of my education etc, and more about my level of socialization. It’s funny that my ability to be social etc has been something I’ve been trying to figure out from the start.

Well a milestone for me I think is that I’ve been able to hook someone else with a job lol, meaning I have a network that works at least one way so it is functional. I guess I could keep trying to work on that direction, helping other people get work, and upholding other people’s good name.

However, I feel like, I would feel more secure if I knew I had a job lined up for me at some point down the line. Iunno, It’s weird because I’m kind of like, I have a lot of leadership qualities and so it’s so easy for me to see what other people would be good at. However, when it comes to me, what could I do for someone else, what cog could I fit into. I’m at a loss there.

One thing I know I can do is make friends, as long as I do it purely for the purpose of friendship. Another thing I am pretty sure I can do is come up with ideas and lead a group in achieving a goal. Now, if I could think of a goal worthy of getting people together for it, without the focus being on money, I guess I would be set.

If I could think this way instead of thinking what could I do all by myself, maybe I would come closer to my idea job description.

If I need to search for any jobs in the future though I would probably want to apply for manager or assistant manager positions. This is way more in-line with my desire to work with people and with strategies, than anything else like programming etc.

So really all I need to do, is find people who would trust me and like me enough to let me fill that role. So how do I get to be seen in such a light. I guess I need to just keep doing what interests me, but better. Instead of being half-assed, always looking for the next thing, I need to pick some things to stick with and see through. I think it would be best that I be a leader in some form or another.

Or, I could just get involved with the people who do things I enjoy, and on the side keep helping other people network etc. I feel as I said that it’s more about who I want to work with, than how much money I make. In that case, I guess I could be happy just “volunteering” or just working with friends on things. Not worrying about the money for now. I mean I could just go and get whatever job I can find, but I feel it wont be one that will be good for me. However, if I found some start-ups etc, that might work better for me.

“dont’ star a business unless it’s an obsession”…hmmm. What could I get obsessed about, in a business sense. I mean I get obsessed about lot’s of stuff, but rarely something with other people in mind. Well I guess Khats did the same type of thing with Ajatt. For me it would probably be something I am similarly obsessed with.

Or iunno. I could focus on world piece and see if something strike me. Or I could focus on business itself and think of new systems to improve business and then try to sell or use those ideas somehow.

Or ideas at the intersection of health relationships and money, like how working out will improve work efficiency, etc. However, I should therefore be able to practice what I preach. Same with relationships etc.

Or if I were to start a business on my own it would probably be something like an indie game.


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