The body: Technique

I enjoy writing fiction. However, I wonder why it is so hard to see it as something we should be paying for. I’m sure not everyone else sees it this way, but for me, I feel like, not a lot of support is given to fiction writers and it makes sense?

I feel like the basic thing about “health, wealth, and relationships” being the three biggest areas to write about, is sound.

Now, if you could weave some true insight in some of these areas, into your fiction, then I guess it would be even better.

“Spreading out and spreading out and scientific improvements”

These first two are both ways in which I think I might benefit from adjusting my way of thinking.

The first way is that I might benefit from spreading out in what jobs I’m willing to take. I have this idea that I need to have some set stable job that pays well, but is also part time. However, I feel like maybe I am built for a totally different lifestyle.
Either way though I would rather have jobs were I am working with other people instead of alone with clients. I just feel lonely and as if I’m disconnected from everyone else other wise. I guess though, that if I take multiple jobs it would be ok that just a few of them were more lonely feeling. Iunno. This also makes me feel like I could even do personal training as long as it was not a main gig.

So this makes me feel like I don’t have to necessarily look for a way to increase my skills, but just look for jobs that my skills fit. I’ve wondered about this for a while because I haven’t been just sitting on my hands this whole time. I have been developing in many different areas. It’s just that this economy makes it seem like all those different areas are mostly irrelevant. AT THE SAME TIME, all those jobs that I’d need to gain technical skills for, also views part time work and short term work as irrelevant. So it’s like everything about the steady paycheck goes against what I want in life.

So I want to make a list of all the types of work I have skill in, and instead of just trying to get good in one area, try to work on a few of them, in terms of getting some form of clientele. Well there are two ways of going about this actually. The first is
through the areas where I can just get work.

Security guard, is probably the only one here, if I can get a job sitting down.
Teaching English and resume correction

(as I get better at writing I could do essay proofreading as well maybe)
I would put personal training here as well but I would need to get a certificate etc.

Next is the areas that are more creative, that if I just put effort into meeting people I could probably get somewhere. I might have to improve in these areas, but it would be better to improve as I go along instead of sitting on my hands.

Comedy (at least comedy writing)
Short Story Writing
etc creative writing

Producing music

So if I plan to make a go at any of these areas, I should probably focus on getting jobs in them since I already have a grasp at least, on them. Instead of just saying “one day when I’m good enough”

the second way of spreading out is within each job, am I willing to do things I don’t like? See when it comes to performance based jobs, I think it’s not really a problem. I am being paid for putting in time. For instance, who likes dishes really? However, after doing them for a while at work and actually becoming very efficient with them, I kind of enjoy it. My creativity comes out once in a while as I find better ways of doing the dishes.

So this same phenomenon of me not really disliking the doing process, can be seen in many different activities. The more physical the job, the more I can start liking it actually, but even something like singing or playing a song I don’t really like, can be ok I guess. As well, when I play music I don’t really like sometimes mistakes or changes I make end up making the song appealing to me. So I could treat it as an exploration of music as a whole instead of just seeing it as me playing a song that will always sound bad to me. Math is also kind of ok, like doing statistics , although I only do as much as I need to get the marks I need.

However, when it comes to creating something, or learning something, it’s a different story. I certainly don’t enjoy learning things that don’t interest me. Like learning lot’s of uninteresting facts all at once lol. I also don’t like the idea of creating uninteresting things, like writing an article on an uninteresting topic (this might be one of the shittiest as it also means I have to learn about these boring ideas as well. So what I think I can do here, is leave the creative stuff for when inspiration hits and then just market those things. Beyond that I can practice and perform stuff that is at the intersection of what I like and song other people like. Then as I learn those other songs, and slowly alter those songs other people like to suit me, I will be gathering ideas that I can use in my own creations.

These leads me to the third idea. When it comes to creativity for pleasure it is kind of hard to say who is “better”, in that I could make a song that I like but no one else does so then is it a good song or a bad song. It’s very subjective.

When it comes to creativity for problem solving it’s more clear that a solution is a solution, and a more efficient solution is probably even better.

When it comes to performance though, it’s like the creativity is minimized and the focus is on the efficiency of technique. So for instance, in singing, the technique and the tone of voice etc will matter more than what is being sung often. Adding original ideas is cool but it seems not as impressive. With music production it seems to be that way as well in that it’s more important that whatever you make comes together properly to carry the song.

It’s like the difference between the body and the mind almost. The thing is, it’s possible to create ways of improving the body through research AND creativity and often practice. This is harder to do with the creativity aspect of art because the creativity is only as good as it is subjectively appreciated by the consumer. However it seems all consumers recognize the body. The technique that turns basically anything into art.

So it almost makes sense to spend more time on the body. The inspiration comes and goes, tastes change, but if you have a strong body you will always be presentable in some form.

Well another way to do this is to realize that as long as you have a strong body, you can perform whatever and the passion doesn’t have to be there. The body though, can then be put towards things you like, for yourself, including whatever studying and learning you do in the areas of creativity.

It’s just like how I realized it’s important or at least more fun, to be stronger and faster physically, instead of always needing to have the fastest reaction time, if in a sparring match. The physical things are more trainable and creating more efficient ways of training them is very doable. Next is building up a repertoire of automatic reactions to attacks, or even just getting better with keeping the right distance. Lastly you can attack with set techniques and or create a situation specific strategy, or you can do things on the fly, because when you have such a solid base, most things will work out.

So it’s building the body is everything that supports your creativity without actually being that creativity. This can even include things like your mood, your experiences, your vocabulary, etc.

So it’s like, for many people, how you sing is more important than what you sing. Although this could also mean having the right emotion behind it, I think  the body could even encompass emotions. Or at least your supply of available emotion.

This creativity I have to say is different than solving problems, and comedy falls under solving problems because it is like trying to see the problem in a situation, but in a funny way. So I wonder if I could focus my energy on just building techniques in art forms I like, and hope if I do it in a very scientific way, I can come out with something worthy of an audience, but that will also make more personal artistic expressions better.

Yeah, creativity is the fun part usually, at least when I’m inspired, and usually the personal part. The hard part and the part that will probably pay best, is the technique, the body.

This could go for writing in general as well. I know my writing structure is sometimes a bit off according to academic standards and I could probably fix this.

I mean, to be honest, I feel like if I were to be paid for the stuff I can do now, it would set me up for stunted development. It has felt for the last little bit like there was something I should be working on but I haven’t known what. It seems though that it is perfecting technique. Like I just notice I have been going through life a bit sloppily in some areas. It doesn’t feel right that it should just be who I am and never change. It feels like something I should conquer, that will lead me to more actualization.

So yeah it feels like the creativity is the fun part. All the skills and technique and learning though needs to be in place in order for that creativity to come out in it’s highest form. Is it worth taking on such a challenge of focusing in on technique and such? I wouldn’t do it for every area of my life at once. Just a few important areas at a time. One will be singing because I feel it’s just that important.Writing would be a good second choice especially since I’m in school. Then the third important one would be music production. For writing I guess I would only use those techniques in the creation of writing for myself or based on topics I already want to write about. With music I guess it’s more open since music is made to be enjoyed where as some writing is just informational.

Also I kind of feel like I might as well try some dance/acting if that is what would feel good for me. It seems I’m more interested in things that can be performed, or performed with. Not just things that I make that just sit there. If I could dance it would give me another tool for expressing myself on the fly, to music, which would be cool.

Actually now that I think about it, what is it about performance that is so rewarding. I mean, because games or just overcoming a challenge, can also be rewarding, without being a performance. Is it that performance as very small wait time between attempting to make something cool and recieving the feedback that it’s indeed cool. Like with singing you get serotonin and dopamine I think, when you sing. Iunno. So I wonder if I could do things in such a way that the rewards are frequent enough, could I enjoy something like programming? Where as otherwise I would get bored if it took to long to make something? Or competitions where the focus isn’t on the thing being built, but being the smartest when it comes to building it.


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