Fun and Fulfilment

I’m not sure if everyone will benifit from this way of thinking but for me it seems to be very important. Tha idea is that I could grow and develope and produce things of value, simple by focusing on things that are fulfilling to me, independent of money. Basically it’s like I have an innate sense of what will benefit me, an instinct for what is rewarding. I feel like some other types might work for different reasons. Maybe some people gain way more fulfillment from actual achievements, or from helping people, etc. I mean, to do that because you THINK it makes you happy is one thing, but if it is actually what makes you happy, or in other words, it’s what you are inspired to do, then it’s probably worth doing.

For me, I am personally more inspired by intellectual experience. Learning, discovering, the unknown, etc. As well as intelectual-emotional experience, like iunno exactly how to explain this, it’s like art and music etc that has an emotional effect but also makes you think. Like it is so emotional, or emotional in a way where you want to understand why, and/or maybe they are just so novel. Also the intellectual process of creating NOVEL emotional experiences, like writing a story that will be very weird and different, etc.

So I feel like, just the idea of doing whatever it is that is fulfilling in this way, in that it is maybe worth dying for, or at least it’s what you live for. I feel like its mportant to identify these things that you feel will truly make you happy, and then sacrifice the pursuit of money and other extrinsic things for the sake of what will make you happy. This is called being true to yourself.

It’s hard sometimes to know exaclty what makes you happy. A lot of people don’t excersise because they don’t think it wil make them happy when it actually will. So obviously there are some things we just might not realize would be awesome for us. However, I feel liek at least ofr the most part these re things that are foundational so you will realize eventually. Don’t stay up too late, eat your veggies, exercise, etc.

Then there are things I’m still trying to internalize. Likelearning mandarin, I spent a lot of this year on the hanzi only and ended up dissapointed with the result. Where as when I studied mandarin in collage I did only listening. By the end up a sememster I could understand some of what I heard and the feeling was amazing. I felt like I was part of another people. This is an example of the intellectual experiences I am interested in. Learning anohter langugaes. Although this is still kind of basic, in some ways maybe it isn’t.



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