Music can create a whole bunch of different perspectives depending on what
song you choosw. However, I would say most instrumental music would only be
able to convey emotional perspective, but not intellectual concepts. Music with
words can convey I guess the full spectrum of perspective. Not that you will
need all of the spectrum. I’m just trying to conceptualize what is available
and where.

Next there are human perspectives. Many of these are good but I think many are
bad. An example of a good one is when someone shows empathy for another person.
They display the perspective of connectedness and unity of humanity, Etc.
Another one is anime like naruto or DBZ as well as action movies that show main
characters with winning attitudes.

Bad perspectives, I’ll get personal and say bad ones are when a person does something
to make you feel small on purpose, the perspective that they have the power to do so,
and that them doing so is a good thing for them, that they win when you lose.
Furthermore, the perspective of hate/contempt and the instigation of those feelings which are
disempowering and distracting. More personal would be a lover going astray, their
perspective here is that you are not enough. These bad perspectives, are ones you should
avoid, and not adopt, and if it means not being able to connect with the people who
hold them, imo that’s just as well.

So perspectives are a huge topic really. They are basically like alternate states of
consiousness, and what we can be consiousness of, is we chose to keep on living.

Right not the perspectives I want to focus on, or productive ones. Ones that make you
want to work. There are obvious ones like, seize the day, asking yourself if you can
put you name on this day and call it your own. Less healthy ones like no pain no gain.
Interesting ones like work hard play hard. However, these are verbal cues. I am interested
in something more beneath the surface.

I am interested in emotional perspectives on work and productivity. I wrote a few days
ago about how the increase in dopamine and maybe testosterone from my nofap practises
increased my motivation. This effect was only temporarly as was my testosterone and
dopamine boost. I am interested in something I have more control over. Now there are
supplements, and I guess I am already tring maca and maybe testing two theories at
once ins’t the best but I guess I’m in a hurry to enjoy shit. So what I’m trying to
discover more about now is how music affects productivity.

I know music boosts dopamine production but is this enough for something controllable.
I would be happy if it wasn’t nessesarily my work efficiency that went up, but simply
my enjoyment of work. I mean that’s really what will give me the biggest boost in
productivity I think. Being able to enjoy work. So how can I enjoy work. Well Basically I
feel like if you have the perspective that work is rewarding, then you will enjoy work.
The feeling of “reward” is emotional, therefore it makes sense that something like music
would be the best way to tap this. Better that a quote let’s say (although I haven’t
tested this theory).

Now for a tricky question. What is the difference between music that releases dopamine
because it sounds good, and music that released dopamine because it changes your perspective
to a reward seeking perspective.

Well, I know music’s dopaminergic effect is based on how much you like the music, but beyond
that I think there is more. I like sigur ros and cold play sometimes, but I don’t lift weights
listening to them. When I lift weights I listen to Celldweller, slipknot, kittie, and resident
evil soundtrack etc. I listen to music that get’s me “pumped up”.

What is “pumped up” then? Well it’s getting in an work/reward seeking emotional perspective.

However, it can be even more than that with the right music. With the right music, it doesn’t
matter if you actually achieve your goals, lift the right weights etc…well maybe it can
get you down if u fail (failure decreases dopamine) but just trying, seems to feel good under
the right conditions.

I will decsribe this state as a state where music + corresponding action = reward, instead of
music + successful action = reward. So, if the music makes you want to run, there is no
goal in running, you aren’t running to be in better shape, you are running because the music
is motivating you to run. What is it about the music that is motivating you to run? Well
my guess is that there are associations we have with certain music and it’s associated actions.
The perspective that is created is one where success is already assumed somehow just on doing
the action. I guess this can be thought of as inspiration or something like it.

For example. When you hear music that “awesome” AND makes you want to run, the perspective is
that running is awesome. So listening to that music gives you that perspective, then running
is awesome, so you run, and feel the reward.

This idea can have negative consequences if used in the wrong way. For example, Gansta Rap
music of the 90s had the perspective that being a Gansta was awesome. Therefore, listening
to that music, and doing gansta things, would become a rewarding experience.

Anyways my point is that I am not motivated by money as much. I am motivated by feelings
of achievement. If I can find a way to make work feel like automatic achievement and “awesome”,
I’ll be all over it. It seems like testosterone does this, but it’s feels not dependable
(or maybe I need to stop over training iunno)

Beyond this, I have just read about how music listening improves the rehabilitation of
people suffering from strokes and brain injuries etc. This it’s self can’t be generalized
to healthy human beings maybe, BUT what is intriguing for me is this one experience I had
year or two ago. I went for a jog, came home, put on “Angels” by The tea party, and laid
down and did some relaxation techniques while focusing on that song. At some point I
ended up having like a kind of life flashing before my eyes experience, a collage of things
like hanging with first girlfriend and a bunch of other things super imposed. It was really
beautiful. Now that I think about it, I also feel like experiences like that are more than
just moments of euphoria. I feel like the putting together of cardio, meditation and music
I love, created a situation where my brain could change somehow. This is all speculation,
but I think there is a possibility that meditation to music could be to the healthy human,
what listening to music is for the brain injured human.



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