Placebo Theory: External Placebo’s, Internal Placebo’s, Memory

I wonder if the type of placebo that you take as a pill or something, is part of a category called internal placebo’s. That is, the are placebo’s that affect you based on your belief’s about what has happened to you. You take a pill and you assume it will affect you in some way. Some one put;s a knife to you and you feel the sharpness even if it hasn’t touched you. It’s an awareness of what could happen inside your body that is transmuted into an physiological manifestation of that happening.

External Placebos are different. They are when you see something happen to someone else and you indirectly manifest that effect in yourself also. For example, watching a movie with an action hero displaying feats of strength and power may make us feel powerful as we have a social and empathic connection to them. Our bodies react to every little thing we see and hear etc. The 4 minute mile was thought to e impossible until someone did it. Once one person did it, everyone else started to do it.

So beyond the internal placebos we have a capacity


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