Can Controlled induction of depression and then treatment yeild super compensation?

Basically what I am asking is, can we train our emotional well-being like a muscle. Weakening it and then letting it recover and grow stronger? Here are my reasons for thinking this may be possible:

1. Have you ever been in a shitty amount of pain and then it was relieved suddenly and didn’t the relief feel better than your base line level of emotion?

2. I feel like after periods of inactivity, when I start jogging again my mood get’s amazing very fast, and it feels like it wouldn’t have been as good if I were just exercising all the time.

3. I feel like after periods of anxiety/depression, when I recover I retain all the techniques I used to get my through the harder times and all the knowledge I gained in my quest to improve my situation. Then after recovery I am left with an excess of emotional tools.

4. Just the fact that when the frontal lobe is compromised by something like a lingering weird mood, but you are forced to be creative from that state, you would be forced to become more efficient in the way you draw out you creativity it seems. Then when the mood lifts you are left with an abundance of tools to allow for creativity plus your brain becomes again efficient due to chemicals etc being brought back into balance.

I remember reading someone talking about using sleep deprivation and then making up for that sleep later, for a similar reason. That could work, maybe a bit differently though, and it seems like something armies already do to some extent although mostly to train for working in sleep deprived states instead of trying to actually improve the baseline.


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