ESFP Revolution

Just an idea I had based on seeing this type of person just succeeding. I mean they don’t all succeed I guess. I just notice them though. For example Zyzz. He revolutionized body building, because of his passion, that wasn’t being held back by analysis. He just wanted an aesthetic body and he worked till he got what met his standards and then he was living the dream basically. That is inspiring to me in many ways.

One way is that I’ve always shared that passion for aesthetics and used to kind of look up to people like him when I was younger. (not him because he was younger than me, but people like him, who were focused on their image, and it payed off for them) As I grew up I became focused more on the meaning behind the things I did. Looking good, carried very little weight in terms of “meaning”, at least based on how the world seemed to work. I still feel this nagging urge that I have to do something productive that will be a huge benefit to society. Something like scientific or whatever. However, I can see myself moving away from this and towards things that I actually LOVE. It seems people like zyzz never even questioned what they wanted, they just go for it. I’m sure they have their own set of challenges being wired the way they are, but I can see the meaningful contribution in the way they live their lives. I don’t expect to become one of them or achieve success in the same way. I guess it’s just that I get to be inspired by them. They kind of show me what I’m missing so I can fill in that gap.

Like, I have my own things. Writing, music, school. What I’m missing though is that element that zyzz and those people have. I guess it’s like a social thing. Like looking good seems social to me. I know people say they like to look good for themselves and I can kinda feel that too. It’s just cool to have that vibe where you go out and look amazing.


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