Serendipity or coincidence or whatever after thinking of new perspective

So something interesting happened.

I was about to go work out when I realized I’m really not in the mood to
work out. Like I didn’t get enough sleep and I just don’t feel energetic.

So I decided I would just get lunch instead. So I was already on the way
to the gym and I realized there was a place to get food down there which
would be a welcome change from the usual two options.

After ordering I thought I would just find somewhere to sit where I could
really just enjoy the scenery while I continued gathering perspective.
Then it hit me, there is this one place on the way to the gym that I
see on the way that looks like a nice place to go and sit but I was
always in too busy to check it out. Today though I decided I would. There
were two asian guys on one bench, and a girl on the other. I was going to
sit on the side with the guys to give her whatever space but then she
looked like she was about to leave. Then I realize she is in one of my classes
and is a girl who I thought about speaking to but just never got a chance.

We both said “hey” at the same time.
After talking for a bit, connecting on most of what
we talk about, she has to go and we both at the same time ask
“what’s your name” lol. It was magical…. LOLOLOLOLOL, but really
it was one of those things that makes you feel like there is this path
and you are on the right one.


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