Era of Emotion: Music as Bio-philosophy

I feel like the next revolution will be based on emotional

What emotions can you experience as a human being.
connection with other human beings(on those emotions ect)

I am interested in the mystery that is life.

Besides that I enjoy feeling amazing and novel emotions.

I’m pretty sure many other people have said this, (teal swan said it about
parenting at least, also stuar candy I think said it in his ted
talk) but I will say it.
That we are moving into a time were emotions take precedent.

We are done building ramparts and trenches, farms, roads, and we
are moving more into an age where we are seeking emotional fulfillment.

That is the new wealth therfore.

Feeling good, feeling novel feelings, relief from and cures of bad feelings.

So what is my place in this.

I write my ideas for short stories down as they come to me and these convey
interesting technical ideas as well as philosophical and social displays.
However, if I had to say, where does my strength lie when it comes to
expressing what I want to see and experience, it would be my music.

Music that rarely starts from an inspiration but mostly I just
sit down out of boredom to try and DISCOVER a new emotion.

So it’s interesting because the INTERNET has a tendancy to not only
make us less social, but also more distracted and so less bored.

I see the value of the internet as a tool. However, for someone like me
who can function to create at the emotional level, I can’t have something
like the internet holding me back.

It’s also interesting that music is somewhat a social phenomena, the enjoyment
of which is mediated partially by serotonin.

Anyways, I just discovered another reason to focus more on my music.

Iunno, I was pretty scattered this weekend, thinking about my next move.

I concered a lot of big things in a short time.
How my exercise intensity effects my ability to socialize.
How I don’t have to worry about how much anyone values me, in any
circumstance and how freeing that is.
How beyond just doing things I enjoy on my own, life will not be
fulfilling or feel lived with the adventure that comes with other
people and can be shared. How being connected is so important (the
realization I had when I had that cold.)
How achieving with others is not a bad thing as it’s just want inspires
me and it could be really good for everyone.
How all this allows me to focus on my happiness which seems like the
only authentic and strong thing one can do.

All the experiences that confirmed the importance of these insights.

So tonight I was thinking, how could I meet more people I connect with,
I mean if I were to go out of my way to do so.
I though maybe writing club, but then all the writing and ideas that
I might not connect with or even if I do it will only make me feel like,
cool this guy is cool.
If I checked out some of the music majors though. Different story.
Either I don’t like the song and I knwo immediatly, or I’ll really
like it and connect with it and with the person and want to be their friend.

That is the difference.
Deftones vs Terry Goodkind

I mean, I like writers, but I guess I’d mostly like non-fiction ideas than
the fictional stuff.

So that led me to think, well I guess I should be working on my music more
as well. Make things that people can connect with, show people a different
side of reality.

Then I realized, music is a lot like philosophy but for the body.
Iunno, it’s like it’s teaching us things, but just at a really
biological level. This is important I think. Just like exercise
is important even if we aren’t doign actual work. The body seems to benifit
from these primitive devices, as if the organism thrives on them and NOT
on high speed data plans.

Not that the internet doesn’t help. Just that it is a tool.


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