Sustainable Life: What do we know about freedom?

What does freedom mean to you. Ultimate freedom. Locke argues that the natural state of man was one were he was free to do what he wanted. That SOCIETY being created, robbed or forced the sacrifice of this freedom. However, do we really want freedom. Would you chose freedom if it meant being alone? because what do other people have to do with YOUR freedom? so maybe freedom is not as simple as doing what ever we want. If we like people, then our freedom is kind of reliant on what they like as well. I mean if we are connect with them in a positive way. It seems to me that freedom is not that ONE DIMENSIONAL. Freedom is not based on the needs of the individual. Instead it is a composite of that individual and all the people he/she connects with.

Anyways, it makes me think to the celestine prophecy. Like, maybe the connections were not a prophecy of the internet. Maybe it was something IRL that people are just not getting into yet.

Also it could just be a case of follow your needs, were I need more irl company than others so I should just go get it.

Anyways, if we were to look at the world as made up of different dimentions. Or look at the human experience as composed of different dimentions, I would say that with the internet we are mostly stuck on the data dimention butwe need to move on to a more real dimention and then even a hyper real dimention.

By this I mean, There is the irl individual reality. This is composed of the experiences you cna have on your own through interactions with the physical world including man made structures, just not interacting with
people in a two way connection.

Then there is the internet and by this I also mean everything except actually communication with people as it, getting to know them and feeling a two way connection. Even movies and youtube vids would go here. Anything that is not two way communication WITH a sense of real connection.

Then there is the dimention of connection. This is the area I think will become more important in the future but for the moment is be diregarded as people seek to self-actualize (which can actually be impeded if you
are aorund the wrong people, or maybe even the right people at the wrong

I feel like it is important to be able to be in a state of happiness while with people and while alone. I had to FREE myself from a lot of mindset issues and health issues that were holding me back from basic freedom. The freedom to just feel good inside. I mean I usually feel good in genera, but not in a free way. I used to feel good because I had goals that once accomplished, would allow become to feel good about myself and therefore free. Now I just feel good because I’ve figured out why I should just feel good. However, as I learn how to do this I think, what’s next. I just feel like there is more I should be doing than just feeling good, more I want to do. I mean that inspiration has to go somewhere.

So I have feeling good and being inspired + meeting people I can connect with

Connect with on the cool things we are inspired by that is.

So it seems like I’m more interested now, it actually bringing in cool people into my life. I’m not thinking about trying to get sex. I’m not thinking about trying to meet “better” people, to rid myself of the ones I know, ect. I just feel like meeting people, new and old, is the other half of what life is about.

Connecting with yourself is one half
Connecting with others, is the other half.

Meeting someone new can be a very magical experience if you are really in-sync. The conversation will flow and everyone will get to say what they feel is important to say. I guess the only important thing to look out for here is, are you focusing on saying things to prove what you know, to gain respect, admiration, or even understanding? R you speaking to get something out of this? See sometimes I will be talking to someone and it will seem like I will through at them all the cool stuff I know and they will just not think too much of it.

could share my music with someone and the will just go hm that’s nice. Well , what was going on there. Aso, why do I feel it’s so important to share my own stuff with the person, is there any other way of going about this?

I noticed with one good friend of mine, when we hung out, we weren’t as focused on waiting for out chance to speak. Instead we were trying to get more from the other person. I feel things run more smoothly this way. If we try to find what is interesting about each other instead of trying to show off what is interesting about ourselves. Not to mention it’s just good conversation skills. Also another way of looking at this is as a shared experience. Two people coming together to share the experience of the connection, and grow it stronger. Also It’s not about showing ourselves off to one another unless curiosity leads to the questions I described.
It’s about together experiencing LIFE together. So there is freedom where you experience whatever you want, but on your own. Then there is shared freedom, where people experience the overlapping of interests of life together. I feel we are in much need of the second one.


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