Sustainable living part 2 (keeps getting deleted)

I wrote so much shit! ok um, the main idea was networking with people. supporting people you believe in could improve your life more than only focusing on what you want to do.

Then I moved on to say the focus could also be placed on friends
instead of trying to create this huge web of contacts who wouldn’t
really be there for you if you needed it.

Basically, what do we need right now.
Better contacts and business sense?
Or just better relationship sense?
I guess it could be different for different people.

However, it seems the biggest thing is self improvement either
way. We need to be better if we are going to get over this state
of nature where we don’t have unlimited property to own.

I guess if you are more focused on the matierial resources we have
you wil also be probably more interested in grwoing your
contacts and skills. However if you are more concerened with
the state of civilization, the people in it and the human condition,
you might be better off focusing on getting better at connecting with

As I’ve wrote in other posts, connecting with people depends a lot on
general health as well.

What about people in other countries? Is there somethign we should
be doing for them? Or is improving our own contry the best thing
we can do for the whole world.

Let’s do another thought experiment. What if there was on country in
the world, that everyone knew was filled with only really nice authentic
human beings and had enough natural resources and social ties that they
just had everything working and could do whatever they wanted.

First of all, I feel one such a country united in such a strong way would
have a lot of ability when it came to helping other countries.

As well, other countries may be interested in contributing to that contries
wealth because it’s just so good.

Would such an ideology be able to spread throughout the world if it had a
nice based. Religion has done things in much the same fashion. So has many
forms of entertainment.

I wonder though, can one of these things exist without the other.

Can a society based soley on friendships survive.
How about one with only business contacts.

Or do we need a balance?
With only friendships I feel the business would suffer leading to scarcity
and then war.
With only business contacts the social health would suffer leading
to war and then scarcity.

It could be that certain coutries are skewed more in one direction than
the other because of environmental factors, cultural factors,
historical factors, anthropological factors, MBTI factors, etc.

So I feel the best move here is to figure out where the problem is
for you, and fix it.


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