Sustainable Adventure: Limited resources

I see the population boom first hand when I go to school every day and the buses are always packed and the halls are a third more crowded than just last year. I am taking a class were we talk a lot about lcke, hobbes, and roussoue so mabye you have an idea of where I’m going with this.

The idea is, if you have to work for someone else to survive, when you don’t want to, you are not free. Are we going to continue with capitalism etc or are we going to move to something where we support each others freedoms(without sacrificing our dignities) instead.

The idea of help has become basically controversial in the social consciousness. We are asked by our tvs and by posters and by people at our doors, to help these people in other countries that we don’t know because it’s the right thing to do.

I do think it would be good for them to get help. I don’t think it should have to be at the detriment of anyone else. However, that is what help means to many people these days. Help is a parasite that will leave you to die when it’s had it’s fill.

However, was that always the case? Is that always the case now?

For one, I feel the parasitic view only came into the social consciousness because of specific situations where giving the beggers what they asked for only ended in a net negative effect. Or the beggars never gave back etc.

Anyways, now we are stuck in an economy that is basically a response to people begging when there was not enough to go around. So in this economy, no one is to beg, no one is to help, everyone for the most part is to do the best they can on their own, in competition with everyone else. It assumes everyone if given the opportunity, would be a parasite, and therefore gives to no one. What it does instead is makes it possible for individuals to gain control over pieces of the planet, and who get’s to go on it, and use it’s resources, ect. At the moment the planet is our limited resource and our population, the population of people trying to claim it, is growing.

Now here is another issue. These people, work for only what they “need” to be happy. For the most part, people may not know anymore what would make them happy. Happiness is a new concept for many. It used to not have a place. There was survive and overcome threats to survival, and celebrate when you do. Then there was, improve as much as possible so you never have to deal with those threats again. These things have become ingrained in culture, almost like instinct. Happiness, in times of peace, is hard to attain for people geared for war.

The “war” though. Originally was against nature, but nature was slow to fall, and took more than we had. So we sometimes would turn on each other so that the best person, the strongest will, would win. The strongest will out of men would often be the strongest chance against nature, so it all worked out. Until it didn’t.

Nature is still a danger, but a less imminent danger for many. However, it is still in our minds. What’s more, is the need to gain power to the possible detriment of others, to have control for what we think is best, in a world of limited resources, persists.

However, at the same time, there is a desire to give. I don’t mean the desire to give so we look good and feel good about our selves. That type of give on the surface seems good but really is a part of that war. Why? Well, have you every wanted to do something special for someone, and someone else got to it first? Well how did that feel. Have you ever wanted to be the leader of something, the star player, etc, but someone else got to it first. So if you were doing it to feel good, and didn’ get it, I guess it felt bad. It’s because, it is a limited resource, based on war.

Then there is sharing. In the digital age it is becoming more apparent that some forms of value are so “sharable” that it just doesn’t make sense not to. We just share, download, pirate. However, sharing started way before that. Have you every heard a good song or watched a great movie, or something else cool, and WANTED to share it with someone. That is sharing. That a form of giving I want to bring into focus. Have you ever learned a really interesting fact, and wanted to share it with someone, even if it meant teaching them something difficult. Now, have you ever got a new car, and wanted to just drive around in it with a friend? How about a new house? Some of you maybe not, but some will have and felt this feeling. So what is that? Wanting to share your stuff, your knowledge, with some one else so they can experience it. I say it’s about wanting to feel connected with someone about something you love.

So, in the age where capitalism has lead us to compete against ourselves, we have a epidemic of depression. Often caused by weak social ties, as well as other health reasons of course. At the same at least some of us, want to share what we have, to build a connection with someone else.

Now, is there a way we can make this work?

I see two alternatives to called giving. That is not requested and that doesn’t take anything away from anyone. That is all well and good but it depends on the right giver meeting the right receiver.


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