Self-Appreciation vs Jelousy (just an idea)

I will give an application of this right off the bat. Guys or girls in a relationship, if you have felt like, “damn I would be so pissed if my girl/guy was attracted to that other person, more than me especially”, this is a symptom of not appreciating self enough.

If you do appreciate yourself enough, it should go down like, “if my S.O. thinkgs so and so is attractive, then whatever, but more than me??? they must be missing something then. I mean, fuck I am (insert all the things you like about yourself, basically all the things you do that make you happy. These things from your perspective, should cooler/hotter/sexier than anyone else and your perspective is what matters, that is how you appreciate yourself.)

This isn’t always easy, to be feeling ones self. In fact, it often requires a specific neurochemical state. One that can be reacehd with proper sleep, exercise, and diet (possibly including nootropics). With this stuff you reach a point where you enjoy life and more importantly you will be more inspired to do what you are best at and what is most important to you, and maybe more importantly at least if it’s a synergistic thing, is you will feel more confident in yourself. You will see how awesome you are(maybe because you will actually be more awesome and be aware of it, or iunno). For instance though, let’s say you are a writer…you r scared yor girl (probably not a cheerleader, maybe a writer also or something else nerdy, I’m assuming like attracts like) is into some basketball player dude. Well, you are a writer. Which one is more cool to you? Writing, or being sporty? Even if he is a tall attractive guy? What is cooler to you?

Writing of course, that’s why you do it! More than that, it’s not even being the best writer, because what if your S.O likes a writier who is more popular ect. Do you like that writers stuff more than your own? More than you passion for writing, and expressing yourself? No. So obviously you are cooler in some way.
If you are cooler than all these guys and you realize it, then anyone your S.O. could be attracted to is actually not as good as you.

Another way to see it is that girls sometimes have crushes on guys who are less attractive because there is something about them. That something is really just something unique and different and strong. When a crush happens it can become obsessive to the point that no one else is attractive. It wont however happen if you are not confident in yourself, or else it will happen but for the wrong reasons. Health and attractiveness are being redefined by the modern age. Marrying for money and stability are down. People want butterflies. Butterflies come from confidence, self-respect, and of course self and social awareness, not muscles.


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