Beliefs: It’s ok to guess and be wrong, It’s ok to be unhappy, present moment

People who believe it’s not ok to be wrong about something. It’s totally cool to make assumptions trusting your own judgement and being wrong and then recalibrating your judgement. So if you think someone is a certain way, you may be right, it’s important that if you get a strong enough impression based on your experience that you trust yourself. If you end up being wrong, it’s not right for someone to throw it in your face that you were wrong like it’s bad. It’s great that you trusted yourself. Even better that you learned from the mistake. What is wrong is people who are not ok with being wrong (most likely they are also not as interested in changing their opinions and learning in the first place and so they have a weakness there that they are scared of) to try and act like you should also feel bad about being wrong. The more you guess and check, the more you stand to learn.

Next, people who think it’s not ok to be in a bad mood, to be unhappy, to be angry, etc. Teal Swan talks about this as well. Basically you are all you have so you need to love and accept whatever state you are in. Don’t judge your goodness on some standard of happiness. That is not a natural law. Just do what you are inspired to do. If not inspired because you are in a bad mood, just try to make your mood less painful, which is the natural inclination. The North American idea is about being super happy and super productive but these ideals are based on what someone else wants of you. Someone else would rather you smile when you talk to them. Someone else would rather you be a doctor so they can live longer. How about what you want? Your life is yours only. You can’t help anyone else if you can’t help yourself, etc.

The last thought I want to write for tonight is that it seems this stuff about jus eliminating sadness where possible, and just following inspiration, seems to be very present moment oriented. This is interesting for me because I thought I and my mBTI type at least was more future oriented. Iunno, I guess I may be inspired to think about stuff in the future? It just seems that these days when I focus on what I’m inspired to do I am in the present moment way more and I enjoy it. I guess when it comes to school then yeah I have a future goal kinda. I guess we all have to think about the future sometimes. Iunno, it seems these days that the future is something to keep in mind but not to live in.


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