– Sad (minus sad)

What if either we are already happy, or there is no happiness. There is only being sad or not sad, plus other transient emotional states like euphoria ect.
It seems like working to not be unhappy is more profitable than trying to seek higher and higher levels of happiness.

This is not a depressing way of seeing the world necessarily, nor does it mean not doing amazing things with your life. It simply means assume base line happiness and only do things to protect it. For instance, or you trying to achieve your dreams because you don’t believe you can be happy otherwise. Or are you trying because you would regret not having tried. These are both good reasons. However, one assumes you couldn’t be happy enough otherwise, where as the other just assumes that trying means protecting a happiness you already have.

One means seeking outside yourself, while the other means protecting what is already you.

I just thought of this while observing one of my professors who seemed very cheerful even while seeming physically not as healthy as would seem necessary.


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