Inspiration = Discovering what you want to exist

I went for a walk and this is one of the things I thought. A way of looking at inspiration:

When you are not inspired it could be:

Self-antagonism: Or it is stress that comes from within. I include peer pressure as well as stress from within because it’s up to you if you want to be happy or if you want to do what some other people selfishly expect of you. Even if it’s you saying to yourself “I want to do something big” or “I want to make a difference”. If you are thinking these things instead of actually having things you want to do watch out. You are most likely setting a standard based on social idealism and ignoring/actively fighting your true wants. Your true wants which are what will make the biggest difference. (At least in times of abundance)

Poor-Health: If you are not exercising or eating right or sleeping right etc this cause a lack of inspiration because your body is not healthy enough to focus on wants. It’s basic needs are not being met. It could even be as simple as not listening to your body. Maybe because you are so focused on trying to find that big thing you can do. Ignoring what you need.

Anyways, the system for being inspired seems to be:

Let go of any pressures to do anything, these pressures are not what you want.
Be healthy, sleep, eat, and exercise right and go for walks, don’t be sedentary.
Next, there are two paths to inspiration and I think we need both:

1: Consume: Movies, books, tv, video games, activities, friends, ect. Enjoy all the things you enjoy and you will pick up on the things you like, and learn.

2: Solitude: Be alone with your thoughts, with your true self. A walk/jog is best for this cause it’s also exercise. Let your thoughts happen. They are the real you, and soon they will decide they want something to exist that doesn’t exist already. It, as anything new idea, will be made up of other things you know about from what you’ve consumed throughout your life(see 1:)

After this you should have things you want, called “inspiration”. It may feel like the idea came out of no where but I feel it came from within. We just had more clarity and thought really really fast to come to some amazing conclusions.

Then you need to act on these inspirations while the feeling still lasts.


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