Art/Video games & The Shared Consiousness

So my idea is that we may be able to sense when a piece of art is based on many other things from other people. Either in an obvious way like you see trading cards with different artists for each card. Or in a less obvious way like the material just seems extremely rich and wide to be all the workings of one person (not that this isn’t possible). Or you just feel you recognize some of the elements from something else and you aren’t sure where. Or iunno.

So it seems possible that the more influences an artist uses in their works the richer it will be, and not just in creativity and intrigue but also in that it will be more educational of the share consciousness, By that I mean, the experiences and knowledge of all the human beings based simply on the art created by people who were connected to other people ect, that lived on/evolved from the start until where we are now.

I feel like the shared consciousness may hold certain keys that we just don’t know how to interpret yet but find interesting because maybe we know there is something to be interpreted. I think it wouldn’t be to far off to say art holds data human evolution and that just as past and present data on other things can be used to predict the future, I feel the same can be said for data of art. I feel like this art may be something that things like the bible are a part of but not the full story. Like there are things to learn about our paths and possibly purpose and door ways to other places ect. Iunno, I think it’s important to keep an open mind. It just seems like we sometimes create art not knowing exactly what we are making but later realize it is actually relevant.

On doorways: When I think about the possibility of other worlds and portals and such, it doesn’t really seem THAT interesting. I feel like an altered state of consciousness would be more interesting. So like, not only seeing different things, but maybe more importantly feeling different emotions than I am accustom to. I mean, it is reaching deeper into the consciousness of the universe and being able to process it. I feel in a way like that may be one of the ultimate experiences. Being more connected to not just the daily life, but things that are for the most part undiscovered. Connected because they can be found from within, as experiences of the body as it is connected to creation.

So I guess art kind of gives that feeling a bit. It’s like an extroverted version of that. It’s like after someone experiences something like that, either a dream or drugs, or just neuro-chemical change, and then they turn it into art and we get to integrate that aspect of the human psyche.

I feel like it could be that many secrets of the universe lie in the human psyche, and that in some areas peoples psyche will be connected because if we go back far enough we are all related and so we can experience more of the shared consciousness of our psych through other peoples expressions of it. This leads to another question. How do humans differ artistically based on genetic history/diversity/ect.

After writing this I searched “new art forms” in youtube and I got

and soon after this as a self-Evolving Art Form 3.3.1 (part 2)” which describes a lot of what I described. I only searched new art forms, because I was thinking tv used to show all these obscure things when it was younger, then video games when it was younger. As these art forms became mrore popular with more money making potential, the obscure and often more intriguing stuff got the boot. So I was thinking, I should find the new art forms to find the new art that is more representative of the shared consciousness.

Also, have you ever saw or heard something, probably art or music, and felt a really strong connection to it and like you’ve heard or saw it before. Kinda like de ja vu except it feels deeper, like the art is a part of you already in some way?



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