Writing: Fiction vs Non-Fiction, Benfits of reading/writing, future of reading/writing

With fiction, or at least movies, comics, video games, I feel like I have an innate pull or appetite for them. With books not so much. I wonder if it’s like jogging where I just need to get started with a book and I’ll get into it. Or if I like comics, movies, ect, because they area actually better for me. Many academics argue that reading is better and that movies, and tv are not as good for the brain. I understand that reading involves more mental effort in terms of language and symbol processing but I’m not convinced that this is an argument that people should read instead of watch tv or movies, when it comes to doing something for pleasure. Also, as an extrovert, it naturally takes me more effort to do something so internal as reading, for the sake of pleasure.

Anyways, as for the argument of fiction vs autobio and bio and non-fiction, I think it’s that with fiction, especially the type I’m interested in with the super heros and stranges places and concepts ect, it is enlightening to me, in a way I feel I will benifit from more. With fiction, you can deal with what is possible, where as non fiction can only deal with what has happened. As well, I feel the type of fiction will be a determinant in the type of author and type of perspective I am exposed to.

I guess I was thinking, hey, I like people, so I should “focus” on learning about them. In this thought process “focus” I think actually meant in a goal oriented and glory seeking way, although I didn’t realize this about myself at the time. However, as I sit here in the library I want something to do that will bring me a feeling of joy, and searching for a nice autobiography doesn’t seem to be it. What seems to be it, is checking out the comic book club or watching Misfits online, and forgetting about any particular goal.

I feel like this and future generations have the capability to grow through the proper use of entertainment to the point where they become experts on human emotion ect. The softer skills. Not to mention all the networking that comes out of having such hobbies. In this way alone(networking) I have been selling myself short in that if I had gotten more into comics (something I do find interesting) I might have connected with many more people who were also into them. Beyond this, many of my previous emotional and intellectual growth spurts came about from/ or were aided by my exposure to these forms of entertainment. As well as the inspiration for other goals which I grew as I went about achieving.

Now, about the possibility that we could end up creating value just through our understanding and and application of entertainment. I guess one of the best way I can think of this working is as a form of education. So I guess I am wondering, do we get better and writings stories, more powerful stories, the more we read and listen to ect, stories. I’m sure the craft of writing improves as we read, and the same for other forms of story telling. What I mean though, is do we as a race, evolve these skills, so that they become more productive than before, over time. People who talk about “the classics” seem to be in some way suggesting that writing already reached it’s peak in a previous era. However, I’m thinking, if nothing else, that was just the peak for that generation. The writing style that could help them the most. At best, no there is no peak and with time writing and the benifits of it will improve beyond imagination.

Then there is the issue of there being so many voices, so many authors, especially online. The more people start writing, the longer it will take for talented but new voices to be heard. I’m not sure, maybe this is not even a problem since there will be word of mouth traveling quickly. kop[kop[kop[kop[kop[kop[kop[kop[kop[kop[kop[kop[kop[ko

Right, and the best writers will probably be the ones who have read a lot meaning less writing, less focus on trying to be somone, and more reading, more consuming other peoples work. I think it’s possible that people are often more interested in telling their stories, than on enjoying someone else’s and this will ensure thant not very many writers become good. The ones who will be good, will be the ones who either have the work ethic to just read stuff and improve without enjoyment, or who are less focused on ego, and more on passionate reading and inspired writing. I would rather be in the later, reading and writing in an enjoyable way.

However, not everyone who does write to try and make a name for themselves, is willing to let go of making a name for themselves. At least not if they don’t see benifit.


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