Writing: Creativity on the level of emotion and it’s future importance

What writing does, is it tells people something. Depending on what it tells the person, the person will have an emotional response. Possibly an intellectual response as well, although I feel the enjoyment of reading stories often comes from emotional response. Possible the learning of an intellectual concept could ellicit an emotional response as well, and in that way become enjoyable. Entertainment, is an emotion.

I was listening to the music I write and I realized I make it for the emotional response it gives to me. I realized, the reason the inspiration for writing wasn’t as available to me I think was because I keep thinking of writing as an intellectual activity and that the more intellectual my writing is, the better. However, this denies me what I actually long for in reading, and in day dreaming which creates the greatest writing. The experience and emotions I never had before.

There is so much creativity is involved in the process for both music and for writing, it is logic, do this or that or try this or that and get this and that result and calibrate ect. It’s very logical, this elliciting of emotiona response. Creativity, some say is based on problem solving, or solving a problem in a new way.

The last thing I will say, may kind of bridged a gap between economic progress and emotional progess, for the (artistic/creative/empathic)human. What I have to say , is that solving the problems involved in creating specific emotions in ourselves and in other human beings, may be the most difficult, most fruitful endevor, for a human to undertake thus far. It involves an understanding on an intuiive level of the most complicated machine we know of, that is still a mystery to us in many ways. This understnading could see use in the creation of algorithms for cognitive science and others sciences. Not to mention, for the most part we strive to enjoy life as much as possible, and enjoyment is an emotion. Justan idea, it’s interesting to think about.


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