Writing with the reader in mind to increase following and thus fulfillment + a motivational hack from language learning

The first idea, about increasing your reach, is about making sure as many people see you works as possible.

The inspiration for this idea is that feeling you get when you share an amazing insight you’ve stumbled upon with someone close to you, to find that that insight is not valued by them as much as you hoped. The problem is not that they don’t see the value in your insight. Everyone is different and so something useful to you may not be useful to someone close to you. Especially if they are like you in that they also come up with insights useful to them. This is not to say you shouldn’t share, you should share when you feel it’s important. What I’m getting at is that if you don’t have a large enough audience, you may touch the people you ough to be trying to touch, and you may always go feeling like you haven’t been living to you highest potential.

So my suggestion to you (as well as myself) is that you make a point of increasing your reach, not for the fame or fortune, but because with a wider net, you get truer feedback on just how valueable you information is and on how many people you can truly help. Which means you get more fulfillment regardless of the money, although that would surely follow.

Increasing range can be done in many way, commenting on other peoples blogs is a good one, but I want to suggest one that most people try to do already but maybe not with enough zeal and something some of us have never found the motivation to do yet.

My suggestion is to work on your craft a little every day.

What I mean by this is to form a habit of writing your thoughts, not just in a style of someone writing in a journal to themselves. (not to say don’t do this) I’m suggesting though that you write in a form, no matter how complex the ideas, that other people will be able to gain the most from. Do a little bit, (an hour or 30 min or even less, going through previous works and rewriting them (in a new blog even) in a way that is audience focused.

The secret to the motivation to make it a habit.

The motivation here is just as it is with language learning.
As long as you do something, everyday, you can continue to say you are learning such and such a language, and you are writing such and such a book. It’s when you haven’t been doing that thing, that you are failing to live up to that part of who you believe you can be.

Thank-you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. If you have anythoughts to add or questions, please feel free to comment below and I will respond asap!


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