– Sad (minus sad)

What if either we are already happy, or there is no happiness. There is only being sad or not sad, plus other transient emotional states like euphoria ect.
It seems like working to not be unhappy is more profitable than trying to seek higher and higher levels of happiness.

This is not a depressing way of seeing the world necessarily, nor does it mean not doing amazing things with your life. It simply means assume base line happiness and only do things to protect it. For instance, or you trying to achieve your dreams because you don’t believe you can be happy otherwise. Or are you trying because you would regret not having tried. These are both good reasons. However, one assumes you couldn’t be happy enough otherwise, where as the other just assumes that trying means protecting a happiness you already have.

One means seeking outside yourself, while the other means protecting what is already you.

I just thought of this while observing one of my professors who seemed very cheerful even while seeming physically not as healthy as would seem necessary.


Inspiration = Discovering what you want to exist

I went for a walk and this is one of the things I thought. A way of looking at inspiration:

When you are not inspired it could be:

Self-antagonism: Or it is stress that comes from within. I include peer pressure as well as stress from within because it’s up to you if you want to be happy or if you want to do what some other people selfishly expect of you. Even if it’s you saying to yourself “I want to do something big” or “I want to make a difference”. If you are thinking these things instead of actually having things you want to do watch out. You are most likely setting a standard based on social idealism and ignoring/actively fighting your true wants. Your true wants which are what will make the biggest difference. (At least in times of abundance)

Poor-Health: If you are not exercising or eating right or sleeping right etc this cause a lack of inspiration because your body is not healthy enough to focus on wants. It’s basic needs are not being met. It could even be as simple as not listening to your body. Maybe because you are so focused on trying to find that big thing you can do. Ignoring what you need.

Anyways, the system for being inspired seems to be:

Let go of any pressures to do anything, these pressures are not what you want.
Be healthy, sleep, eat, and exercise right and go for walks, don’t be sedentary.
Next, there are two paths to inspiration and I think we need both:

1: Consume: Movies, books, tv, video games, activities, friends, ect. Enjoy all the things you enjoy and you will pick up on the things you like, and learn.

2: Solitude: Be alone with your thoughts, with your true self. A walk/jog is best for this cause it’s also exercise. Let your thoughts happen. They are the real you, and soon they will decide they want something to exist that doesn’t exist already. It, as anything new idea, will be made up of other things you know about from what you’ve consumed throughout your life(see 1:)

After this you should have things you want, called “inspiration”. It may feel like the idea came out of no where but I feel it came from within. We just had more clarity and thought really really fast to come to some amazing conclusions.

Then you need to act on these inspirations while the feeling still lasts.

Huge Life Purpose Seeking = Distraction?

There are a few things I feel could be possible paths to a purposeful life in this regard, and I am trying to for-cast here because I’m not quite there yet myself:

1) That by slowing down and focusing on being healthy you allow inspiration to come in naturally. As if purpose is something that comes to you, or is innate in you and just needs to be brought out.

2) That just as finding purpose could distract us from health and general inspiration, it also may distract us from general hobbies and fun. It is possible that these hobbies are stepping stones to bigger things or at least they are things a part of us doesn’t want to see left not finished. The difference between helping the whole world in some huge way that only you could do, and the same but helping one person, may only be a difference in scale. It could be that by setting our sights super high initially we psych ourselves out because we can’t find a way to inspiration for such a big goal, or even find the goal itself.

3) That a larger purpose may come out of the smaller things you like doing. At least in that you would interact with many people and can be a positive influence on them. You can want to have a huge purpose in life and there are infinite ways to get there. However, those ways become more visible the higher up you go with what you enjoy doing. For instance, if you write a short story, then you meet a guy who writes comics and make a comic. Or you realize you could turn it into a novel, ect. Just as you will be inspired to do a basic thing, once you do that thing, you may be inspired to do something that builds on that basic thing.

If you decide you want to make a movie right now when you haven’t done anything remotely close to it, your in a hard place. You will have to think of an idea and write a story first. If you have already wrote a novel, deciding to make a movie wont be as big a step because you already have the basic idea down.

So basically a new possible way of thinking about this is you have to start from your basic inspiration and let it build on what you’ve produced. Once you’ve produced stuff, you will see a bunch of new possibilities based on those things and connections between them and then you can build out.

Spirituality, intellegence, dreams, teal swan, mindfulness of the shit lol

“It’s a seasoning you have to accept” – a quote from a dream I had where I was fighting my Tae Kwon Do instructor on top of a train car and this mysterious intense pain in my stomach that I’ve had in many other dreams happened and as in many of the others, it was as if someone was doing it to me. In this case in was the instructor and he said “it’s a seasoning you have to accept”. Then in the dream I knew what it meant and so I screamed into the pain, with the pain, and in a state of I guess pride, and the pain was more accepted.

I listened to Teal Swan talk about spirituality 2.0 where you learn that just focusing on positive goals eventually means being happy but always running from discomfort and so it’s maybe not optimal. So you allow discomfort to happen, or maybe run towards it even.

This is supposed to be a goal you reach after you get as far as you can into 1.0 where you are happy almost all the time. Iunno about that though. I feel like it just depends on how much drive you have to be happy all the time. (which may be due to some innate level of spirituality)

I feel I have done some of the 2.0 stuff although maybe not always for the right reasons. Like I have felt really lonely because I was not willing to not hang with people I didn’t like.

Anyways I realized that a lot of the most important things I’ve learned in life have been about how to be happy and for the most art these aren’t things you can make money off of. I often have wished I could find something that I could be satisfied doing that I could also make money off of but for the most part I haven’t found it.

I realized though, that if I focus on 2.0, on being happy with things not being perfect, then that would mean I wouldn’t need to worry about what I could make money doing. I would be happy and inspired just because I chose to. It’s like, if we really have so much abundance, then no one should need to buy or sell anything. So maybe that is the path I’m on.

Monks make this stuff seem so boring. Living isolated up in the mountains and where robes. I have heard some of those guys aren’t even seeking spirituality 2.0 or even 1.0, but instead are seeking followers so they can feel like the shit. Spirituality 2.0 as I’ve experienced it is way different because when you are really engaged in your spiritual growth and get those moments of euphoria and connection, it’s actually awesome.

My main issue now is that I feel way happier now than I did over the summer when I was lonely a lot and apparently social contact is a human need. I’m wondering if I feel happy because of the health from connection only, or if being in school makes me feel more connected to society and more valuable. If it is the later, I am wondering if it’s because I THOUGHT/think that being valuable is still important and this is just a belief I can overcome, or if it is a deeper psychological need that is hard to get over, or if it’s even just something that is a want, but a deep want, that I haven’t learned to live without.

Also I realize at and after 2.0 I would be way more in the moment because I wouldn’t be planning how to get away from boredom that could creep up in the future. So I would be more in the moment, and I realized that being in the moment makes it easier to learn so I would be smarter? It makes me wonder if spiritual development will parallel with intellectual development and ability.

Getting over recognition to find inspiration.

After I read a fair number of enjoyable books I started thinking to myself, “I can do this”. Meaning I can make one of the same, equally amazing and deserving of praise. Once I realized that, and really it was a case of new found confidence in myself, I also decided it wouldn’t be right that I just keep reading without ever making something of my own. I disliked the idea that I would keep letting these architects of my education spoon feed me, not letting me grow in my own direction. I disliked the feeling that they were the authorities and I would remain only a student of theirs. I disliked that everyone else would see me as only that as well.

So after that, I guess I was less able to enjoy the writing of someone else because I felt like it was a lie that I would settle for being entertained an educated by a false authority who would overshadow me in my experience of life. Part of it I think was just that I grew out of the authors I was reading. However, the other part I’m sure was this feeling that I was not getting recognized for my strengths(which was partly because I didn’t feel a strong sense of connection intellectually with anyone).

Well, I still read some things, just mostly focusing on works that would help me find myself more, instead of entertainment. Even then, I tried to figure things out on my own often.

Now I have discovered that one thing that makes me feel most alive is discovery. Not to be confused with searching. I enjoy discovery, but I’d rather get there through making connections, than through searching endlessly.

Anyways, so I feel like one of the most fun methods of discovery was through entertainment like books. Now if I wrote my own books, yes I think I would be discovering just by making connections in order to make something entertaining. However, that is limited by my creative energy. Also, in reading more, I gain more ideas that I can weave into something else. Novels should remain for the fun of it, and I should read more discovery oriented things, for discovery.

Basically, once I am not focused on gaining recognition, I can focus on gaining inspiration however is best.

Chasing new experiences: Because Recognition is Cheap

I’ll lay it out as plainly as possible. If I am to grow old, end up a 90 year old guy, I don’t think I’ll me be happy just being known for what I’ve done with my life. Like, when I think about it, being 90 years old, no sex appeal, not being awesome or anything like that, just being able to say what I WAS, is not enough. No one can give me enough recognition of admiration to satisfy me. Not even now actually. I mean, in times when I didn’t know what I had to offer and cared, it helped to be able to see where my contributions are most valued. However, contribution can be made just be accident, just by doing what you love. Maybe not everyone is the same. I don’t want my goals to be based on leaving my mark on the world, or making a name for myself. I want something that will always be amazing. That thing is the universe, not just the ever changing opinion some people have of me.

Lately I’ve been thinking, what am I actually going to do with my life. Am I going to do something big? When will I get my chance? When will be my time to “shine”. In the meantime I get to just be “normal” life a normal boring life? Then I get to shine for a few years maybe and then back to being boring when I get older but I’ll always have people remembering how cool I was “at one point”?

I have another idea. Forget about “shining” and instead focus on actually experiencing.
Now, yes some travel, and main stream things like that could be cool with good friends. However, I will always be searching for something more. I don’t know if it’s that I want to be the first to discover something. It’s more that I want to discover and do things that actually push me on a spiritual and intellectual level. I don’t mean discovering something that will help science even, although that could happen. I mean I want to discover this universe, and live an amazing story.

And not even to tell. Maybe just to hint and maybe to write in a journal for people close to me to share in. I just feel like sharing my stories my adventures for someone else’s entertainment, would cheapen it. It’s weird because on the one hand the way the media works is pics or it didn’t happen. I almost get this feeling like, if I don’t share this awesome thing that happened, it would be as if it didn’t actually happen. When I do share it though, it’s like it get’s cheapened because people give a shit to varying degrees. If I tell my story it becomes something I achieved, where as if I don’t tell it it remains something I experienced.

I guess it’s like my focus shifts and then I decide I want to share, for the recognition, but after this it’s harder to go back to seeing it as just an experience. I think I need to look at when my focus shifts. It could be that around the wrong people I feel lonely and the only way to feel connected is to share achievements. It could be that I don’t have enough people to just share these things with as experiences, maybe because to many are focused on experiences being achievements. I realize though that the best you you can be will be based on going in the direction of love, not achievement. For example, working out for mood vs for looks.

It seems for me, learning more about what life is, is the overall thing about experience that I want to have. I do feel like a lot of older people talk about how they have so much life experience and how they know more about what life is and it sounds so elitist. I don’t want to become a master or a PHD in what life is, I never what there to be an end to what life is that I can say I know it all. I want to learn more and feel more connection to it. I feel like the people who do feel like they have to have some authority on things, make themselves hard to share these experiences with, that these people as well as the people who will see me as an authority instead of just someone to share with, these are the people I will avoid sharing with. When people share stuff with me, I don’t turn my nose up at them, I’m happy that they have discovered this thing. Not happy as in I’m judging their progress through life. I’m happy because it’s a sign to me that the universe is getting better in general and that now I can share in the joy of that discovery with someone who understands. I assume everyone knows what they are doing already, and so I just enjoy people I can connect with. There are no levels with me. I don’t focus on what other people have or don’t have as people, and people who focus on that in me, obviously there will be a disconnect there.

Recognition feels good sometimes. Like if I do something I’m proud of and other people, especially people I respect and am close to, recognize the achievement. However, it feels like there is recognition where someone shares in your achievement of something maybe admiring you a bit or learning from you, and then there is recognition where someone just admires you or admires your achievement only. Not really sharing in your joy. Admiration is tricky in general and part of me feels I should avoid it.

New Focus: Connection:Through art exploration and through conflict engagment

I think I can tie in a lot of ideas into this new focus actually.

I realize there are a lot of goals I’ve had only for the feeling of being admired or otherwise looked upon strongly by others instead of what I want. Recently though I’ve been teasing a lot of that out and so I’ve come to a place where I know a lot about what I don’t want to do. I don’t even want to do art or music if it’s just going to be for the sake of fame or otherwise being seen as valuable to others and not for me. I don’t want to ever have to be anxious about needing to keep up with something to keep up my image ect without being inspired.

What I want is to be inspired. To find things I love so that I can follow them no matter how many people look down on it. I watched Teal Swan and she talked as well about the importance of inspiration. However, she said things like people might need to try stuff out to find out what they like. This could work, but for me it seems I don’t often get inspired after trying things out. I often am inspired by the idea of something, and then I try it out. It seems like to try something out to see if inspiration will hit, would be almost the same as working at something I don’t enjoy hoping I’ll enjoy it afterwards. I feel a lot of my inspiration comes from art and from music and from people I connect with. So I watched some super hero stuff and some video game theorist stuff.

Then I started thinking deeply about art and the shared consciousness. Basically going on how I want to feel in my daily life. I want to feel awe and intrigue and I feel these things most often from art and music ect, as well as dreams and different states of consciousness. When I think to them I feel like those are experiences with working for, just for their own sake. However, that isn’t inspiration to create them, it’s more an inspiration to seek them out and experience the. The inspiration may come from wanting to create some of my own. I have had this inspiration for it’s own sake. I remember this, especially when I was younger. It was taking a piece of art or music and I guess changing it somehow to make it more powerful for me. Now, that might have evolved into me writing or creating my own music, but maybe the idea of “not copying other people” forced me to want to do my own work to early, and more importantly for the wrong reason. To prove myself.

So I want to try again just seeking out art and music to experience it, and if I get inspiration I’ll just go with it. Otherwise I’ll at least feel like I’m on the right track.

The other thing this ties in with is the feeling I had when I was sick last night. The feeling of what if I were to die, and realizing how lonely death seemed at that moment. Realizing how important human connection was to me. Made me want to focus maybe my whole life, on helping people connect. Whether with me or with each other iunno. Just that I felt it’s something that should be done. So it’s cool that this idea of the shared consciousness is about connection with others, as well as with the universe and creation.

Also you know how they say film/tv/stories are a form of catharsis. So I wonder why I mostly find stories with a lot of showdown type fights to be cathartic. I feel like it’s because there is so much conflict in general in interpersonal interaction. Most people ignore or avoid it. Me included. However, in avoiding it I seem to never quite get rid of it. These are strangers as well as friends, intentional and often unintentional conflict. I feel though that in trying to avoid other people and their feelings about me and themselves, and how they feel people should be treated, I just leave things untended to. I feel like these stories therefore are cathartic not because I should become a super hero as I thought for so long, but because I should meet these conflicts head on with a positive open attitude. In some ways it feels like other people are at once the slave and the master of me, but if I engage maybe create something better.

Art/Video games & The Shared Consiousness

So my idea is that we may be able to sense when a piece of art is based on many other things from other people. Either in an obvious way like you see trading cards with different artists for each card. Or in a less obvious way like the material just seems extremely rich and wide to be all the workings of one person (not that this isn’t possible). Or you just feel you recognize some of the elements from something else and you aren’t sure where. Or iunno.

So it seems possible that the more influences an artist uses in their works the richer it will be, and not just in creativity and intrigue but also in that it will be more educational of the share consciousness, By that I mean, the experiences and knowledge of all the human beings based simply on the art created by people who were connected to other people ect, that lived on/evolved from the start until where we are now.

I feel like the shared consciousness may hold certain keys that we just don’t know how to interpret yet but find interesting because maybe we know there is something to be interpreted. I think it wouldn’t be to far off to say art holds data human evolution and that just as past and present data on other things can be used to predict the future, I feel the same can be said for data of art. I feel like this art may be something that things like the bible are a part of but not the full story. Like there are things to learn about our paths and possibly purpose and door ways to other places ect. Iunno, I think it’s important to keep an open mind. It just seems like we sometimes create art not knowing exactly what we are making but later realize it is actually relevant.

On doorways: When I think about the possibility of other worlds and portals and such, it doesn’t really seem THAT interesting. I feel like an altered state of consciousness would be more interesting. So like, not only seeing different things, but maybe more importantly feeling different emotions than I am accustom to. I mean, it is reaching deeper into the consciousness of the universe and being able to process it. I feel in a way like that may be one of the ultimate experiences. Being more connected to not just the daily life, but things that are for the most part undiscovered. Connected because they can be found from within, as experiences of the body as it is connected to creation.

So I guess art kind of gives that feeling a bit. It’s like an extroverted version of that. It’s like after someone experiences something like that, either a dream or drugs, or just neuro-chemical change, and then they turn it into art and we get to integrate that aspect of the human psyche.

I feel like it could be that many secrets of the universe lie in the human psyche, and that in some areas peoples psyche will be connected because if we go back far enough we are all related and so we can experience more of the shared consciousness of our psych through other peoples expressions of it. This leads to another question. How do humans differ artistically based on genetic history/diversity/ect.

After writing this I searched “new art forms” in youtube and I got https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-R_2D2iT9cM

and soon after this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg5UvGexofIUniverse as a self-Evolving Art Form 3.3.1 (part 2)” which describes a lot of what I described. I only searched new art forms, because I was thinking tv used to show all these obscure things when it was younger, then video games when it was younger. As these art forms became mrore popular with more money making potential, the obscure and often more intriguing stuff got the boot. So I was thinking, I should find the new art forms to find the new art that is more representative of the shared consciousness.

Also, have you ever saw or heard something, probably art or music, and felt a really strong connection to it and like you’ve heard or saw it before. Kinda like de ja vu except it feels deeper, like the art is a part of you already in some way?


Self-Actualization/fulfillment/fun through taking on new goals like a game!

So I wonder if my goal is to become a better human.

Also I think I’ve been limiting myself to much by trying to summarize my whole reason for living in one simple motivation.

I mean, I don’t only live for goals, I also live for family, friends, simple pleasures some what, etc. Anyways when it comes to youtube, and meeting people, and just generally
having something meaningful to focus on, it seems I work best when I focus on what I want. I was thinking today that I focus a lot on doing things on my own. Especially
on being independently happy. It’s weird though that it seems being independently happy isn’t like the end goal. I still want friends etc.

However, I guess I don’t want to have a end goal at all. I do want goals though, just that I want to be always growing. It seems though that it’s still better to focus on one milestone at a time, at least in the moment, not on any really end goal. I mean, games aren’t fun when you get to the end, they are fun when you are about to reach a new level. So I should always be seeking the next level, in all my activities, including fitness, even though it seems many people believe in a sort of plateau, I don’t think it makes
sense to.

Also, eating, exercising, and sleeping, are just the basics, the foundation.

Also it seems activities like music, story writing, and comedy are really creative but that this makes them goal less. Like there is no way to compare how good I am, it’s so random and so individual. Something like language though has levels to reach. Same with weight training. Iunno, maybe language is about Si just like fitness is, but it’s like social Si.

btw I was thinking now that I can learn hanzi faster using etymology, that I should just
rush it and d 20 a day. However, then it becomes the type of goal where I am trying to just be done with it. I realize now that the fun isn’t in being done with it, the fun is everyday when I do it and see myself getting a little bit closer. If I become unsatisfied with my progress, that could be because of other things in my life, and not the Chinese learning. It could be that I’m over compensating instead of fixing the real issues.

So it seems I’d rather have a 20min/day habit than for life, then not have that habit
because I completed everything already.

I just want more 20min habits now. More goals I can say I’m working towards.

Also it seems as much as I like being creative, I find being creative to be not challenging usually and not as rewarding. The things that I find most rewarding seem to be things that just take practice. Weights, languages, etc.

It’s interesting because once I get good at a certain skills I’m sure I will be able to just funnel it into something creative. It’s just that I need to put in the practice to get there.

Ok, I’m getting it now. It seems I might need to focus on just putting more skills into my brain, increasing my base of strength basically, and then from there whenever I want to be creative, I will have way more skills to call from to do so with.

Hmmm, I wonder, what about classical music?
Skate boarding?
These are all things I’ve been interested in at one point because I felt it would be cool to have them, but then I got board of them and gave up. If I had stuck with them, doing a little bit every day, then every day I would be able to say I had goals and every day I would be able to feel that dopamine rush of reaching new mile stones. However, back then, this was not my frame of mind. I wasn’t seeking fulfillment, I was seeking recognition and acceptance ect.

Hmmmmmmmm, or am I turning into an ISFJ again? Putting the Si first? Am I feeling like creativity isn’t satisfying enough to me and is it because I’m hampering it, maybe by not collaborating with other people? It seems the best way to invest in myself might be through these types of goals, instead of through creativity which is already innate, takes no effort, and feels less rewarding?

Well, if I do music, even if I don’t do classical, I should probably do theory. Theory is what I think is missing from my strength. I can be creative without it but I’m very limited. If I learn theory, I will gain control over my musical ability.

Music theory is to music
as Hanzi is to Chinese

Iunno, this doesn’t seem exactly ISFJ to me, because I’m striving to be a renaissance man. I’m just realizing what my weakest links are to that end so I can work on them.

Also I feel this may be what that Chinese Canadian culture is about to some extent. Having goals, becoming the shit. Turning life into a game, instead of needing to find games in some virtual world that you can be good at. Focusing on skills is half the battle, the other half is how much you do, and making habits of doing a bit, and having multiple goals so that they all remain fresh.

New Youtube Idea: Exanding on the theories of past thought leaders, feeling more human

ok, I put together that I am most interesting in intriguing things and discovering or creating things I didn’t think were possible, using my strengths of logic, making connections etc. I added to that, my observation that there are people on youtube
like thegametheorist who seem to be a lot like me and had success with it, especially that he noted other people helped just added on to his awesome “vision” and how he had many interests but somehow ended up unemployable. Just generally he sounds hugely like an ENTP although I guess he could have been ENFP or something.

The way he researches to make connections and his videos as basically essays is something I find very fun and rewarding if I can just get the motivation to do it. I guess in that way it’s like with MTG where you research and discover connections and put them together to create something awesome based on the assumed vision of being able to do that. The difference is MTG is easy. Flipping through a binder of cards to find combos is easy. Researching what philosophers have said and background on them etc to right essays on them is not easy. It’s hard. Rewarding, but hard. It could be that the difference for me between a worth while goal and a leisure activity is the worth while one will be something where passion and strengths collide, but also that is hard enough that it wouldn’t just be for fun. I mean, I think I’m goal oriented enough that I can handle something that is hard and rewarding.

Also I’ll add that just like him, I’m not on youtube looking for fame. He was just trying to advertise himself to employers, showcasing what he could do. I’m looking for connection with other people, trying to attract people who will be able to relate to my interest. Also just to do something that feels fulfilling. That feels like the type of work that I’m meant for. I don’t expect it to be the masses, but as long as I make some good relationships out of it, and feel like I am appreciated I feel like that would make it worth it.

I feel like if I do something on youtube, maybe it should be something like game theorist.
Another thing about the game theorist is that he went all out with his videos. Maybe because he was trying to show employers what he could do, iunno. I feel like if I really visualize how important going all out is, at least working up to going all out, that is where I will start drawing attention.

My only issue is what topic should I cover.

I could do philosophy, just like I’m already studying it in school so studying it on
my own and making videos about it in a very professional way could be cool. However, I would need to put my own twist on it. My own perspective. At the very least I’d need to be someone who sees the more than what is there, so that I can have something of value to add. I think I can do that. So far my philosophy class this year and the near-philosophy
class last year, have been the classes where I have been most able to do this.

I guess if I am to go anywhere on youtube, I should probably focus on creating new theories based on what is already there. Meaning theories expanding the works of other important theorists. Doing this will most likely draw more attention to me than simply trying to convince people to watch me, someone they don’t know. Not only that, but I get ideas very quickly when I have something to react to so it would actually be better just overall for me to be expanding on something instead of just trying to create something from scratch. The research should be on things I have a fascination with so I enjoy it. Carl Jung, etc are good areas to work in. So I can read up on those ideas, and then hopefully expand on them, and do so in such a way that is enjoyable to whatever audience.

I avoided reading much classic philosophy for along time because the last thing I wanted was to be taught how to think instead of developing my own way and confidence in it. I always believed in myself in that I would have something to offer with my philosophical thought and I feel like I now have something of my own style. So now, well I’m reading classical philosophy in school and reading very critically I might add. I will talk about this therefore, but also soon ant to read more interesting guys like Jung.

I wonder if this is better than trying to write fiction. I think it will be since
I will be discussing possibilities anyways and so it could end up dealing with things
that are fictional, at least for the moment.

I feel like just focusing on mbti and carl jung ect would be enough. Just whatever seems most relevant to me. I don’t have to take a huge area to work on because really everything is expanding and so people will have to start carving out smaller more targeted niches. Either that, or pick a big niche, and hope other people want to help me expand it more than I would do on my own. Iunno, for now I’ll just focus on doing what I can do well.

Also it’s like this. Even if there were a bunch of entps discussing the same topic of mbti or even the same topic of a video game, I have a feeling different individuals would have different things to add on the topic. So it’s not even like this one guy can cover all of videogame theories. Well I guess it help that many people have joined in. Still though, the field of possibilities which we indulge in is infinite. There is always room for more, either adding on, or arguing, etc.

Also, I will be focusing though on things that are important to me, and they will be important for me to share because it will be that it is not yet common knowledge and the fact that is not, is to our detriment. So until it is common knowledge, I’ll definitely have a place to speak about those things.

Or should I focus on fun? I guess it’s fun, but still a goal and requires work and habits. Would I want it any other way? Hard work pays off.

This actually has me pretty excited now because it seems things are coming together even more. I can put posters on my room, play cool music, and talk about meaningful things, and maybe crack a joke here and there as I go along. Basically through this understanding of what area I’d be best at on youtube, through studying guys like the game theorist and all that he said about his life, I realize more fully the area of my greatest potential. So now I can truly put something of MYSELF out there on youtube. Something people can connect with in the way I also connect with other youtubers. Through that I feel I will
feel more connected, and more human. Aristotle says that you are only human if you are a functioning part of your society. This makes sense in that humans are social functioning creatures. So it seems to have a lot to do with self-actualization, the feeling of being human.

It’s interesting to see that some people lucked out in that from an early age they always had a position in a society. Whether it was on the playground, or at the prom, or student council etc. However, some people take longer to find their place among society. I feel the internet is good in this in that it enables those naturally inclined towards intellectual pursuits, the chance to contribute in those areas.

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