Avoiding burnout Languages/Resistance Training, Forming Habits by killing 2 birds

I’ve discussed before that in both language learnign and resistance training and I guess most forms of work and even in forms of play(ex video games), there is a maximum that if exceeded leads to a gradual loss of motivation.

So for resistance training I know many of the variables well enough that I can stay
consistent and not burn out.

The positive variables like music, people, sex drive, more reasons for workingout, ect, improve my motivation.

Lack of sleep, negative people in the gym, workig out alone, ect decreas motivaton.

However maybe more importantly is the factors of time, intensity, frequency and volume.
If any of these is too high then burn out will happen.

For Language learning it’s a bit different however a very important thing I’ve noticed is that I need to keep my environment as Chinese as possible so I keep having a reason to be learning what I’m learning. It helps me remember the goal.

Beyond that it seems time and intensity and freuqency and volume are important too.

So far I’ve have only realy done the cramming attempts that fail but I think I might be ready to try somthing more slow. It seems maybe I needed to try cramming and experience the failures and how much more I would have learned if I went slow, and how I still want to learn. Now with this experience, I am conditioned to not want to burn out because I have internalized that it is less effective for me.

What would probably be more effective is if I just did 10 Hanzi a day, for a year, and slowly start adding sentences in as I get used to it.

So I have been wondering what it is exactly that has me burning out so much. It could be as I stated before, if I try to spend so much time on learning one thing I am automatically obsessing which is automatically a form of stress because I want something badly but can’t get it until the alotted time is passed and that time is long. The more I obsess the more I feel stress and this leads to burn out.

Also I feel that doing a small number is easier for the brain to digest for me. It s way easy to remember just ten, than to remember 25 or 50. It just is. So It’s like less work over all to just do ten, so it’s more efficient.

It might end up being that I just keep trying stuff and quitting and eventually enough of the learning sticks that I get somewhere but iunno. My plan is to go slow and hope I can make it a habit and therefore keep at it.

I find it’s easiest to make habits for myself if they require less start up time, less time to get into a flow I guess.

I don’t mind doing dishes cause I only do 5min worth.
Breakfast, 5 min
Make a youtube video 5 min
blogging takes more time but I’m just recording my thoughts for myself so it’s not really work. Same with youtube kinda.

It seems the best way to get a habit going is to fit it somewhere in my life somewhere that makes it really efficient to be productive.

I started making youtube videos while making breakfast. I mean I do these two things at the same time. Efficient, therefore motivating.
I think people also like doing SRS on the bus for the same reason. Or listen to pod casts while cleaning the house. It’s efficient.
I think this is why I like working and workig out at school. I am around people which is important to me, and then I’m also doing work I need to do. Efficient.

I guess killing two birds with one stone is kind of like a way to increase dopamine, the reward for doing something. So it makes it way more motivating to do a two bird one stone thing. Maybe it’s cause the brain knows there is a more efficient way ou there that it finds it hard to do something that it knows is not that way.


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