Thoughts on Motivation and Direction in making youtube videos

All my life, most of my goals have been things I wanted to become,
not things I wanted to produce. I wanted to be the value, not create
some kind of static value. I mean I would love to share all the ideas
and thoughts I have, but those things are not my goal and so focusing
on them would just be kind of like a distraction.

I feel like as I become what I think I should be, I will attract
the audience I’m supposed to, and they can score through all the
information I’ve wrote on the thoughts that led me there.

I like that better than trying to turn my process into the value,
when it’s not really my aim.

Also an important rule to keep in mind is not to hold onto any one
thing like it’s the only right answer. Not to be so attached to any
song you produce like you wont ever make something that over shadows it.

I mean, I would love it if everything I learned while reachin my goals,
could be shared with everyone else. However, sharing value with everyone
else simply has not been my goal. My goal has been to become something
valuable. Iunno, it’s almost like a trade off. I mean I could spend time
setting myself up as a go to guy for something by creating informational
products. Or I could simply achieve the dreams I want, and then become
popular through doing so. Kind of like the old fashion way I guess.

Joust. Kung Fu Masters showing their skills.

If I become what I think I and other ought to become, through hard work,
people will be asking how I got there.

I have these notes that I write because they help me get there. So maybe
they will help others as well. However, there will be other ways of getting
where I get so it’s not like there isn’t that abundance. The most important
thing I think, is that people know that something is possible, then if they
want it badly enough they will find out how to get it.

So I guess my message is about what is possible.
By message I mean say if we are all neurons part of some larger universal
consiousness, then what will my message or messages be. One of them I think
should be abundance and what is possible.

I feel like some people start youtubing for different reasons. Some for
information sharing as the end goal. For me I think the end goal is
becoming what I want, with the information being a side effect that is
definitly important but I can’t let it distract me from my origional

As I become more who I want to be, I assume people will approach me
to know more about who I am, read my blog more, ask more questions, ect.


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