Thoughts of the creative impulse, and health for inspiration, and the present

With every jog my spirit finds new food to eat
with every song I write, a mile in new shoes, new feet
Without the lows, the highs would not be as sweet
without the challenges, the success would not be reached

I write this as kind of a description of more creative impulse as it
stands presently. It feels like with the high serotonin I have now from all the things I’m going right, iunno, I feel the importance of music more. Not just based on how high serotonin means more enjoyment of music. Also I feel the congitive and spiritual aspects of it. Every song is like a new story, a new experience, and it doesn’t fade from memory like the every day things. Instead every song I put effort into and love becomes like adding another soul, or another sense or something, it’s quite significant.

I’ve been doing a lot of things right these days:
eating more vegies, brocoli and carrots
more protien (although I want to avoid more sentient animals like chicken)
More salmon which I feel does something other meat doesn’t
more jogging
more weight training
more being out of the house
more sleep(because more jogging)
no dairy
no white bread
zinc+vit d combo
shower in morning to relax me
lots of peanuts which I’m not sure bad or good
then all the mental processes I’ve wrote about in this blog
it seems a lot of it is coming together
maybe also the fact that it’s summer and I’m getting a lot of sun this year
just from being out and about
also extra curriculars

Iunno, I’d still like to work on calming my mind now as I’ve spent a lot on just figuring out what I want to do, looking and a lot of different options, now that I seem to be settling in more, I think I need to relax my mind so I can be more present, iunno.


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