Prioreties: “…so we don’t become the Tyler Durdens and Robert Polsons of the future”

I don’t know if it’s because I stopped MOing cold turkey again and no cheese,
or because my Grandmother has been needing our support more this weekend
or because of the dark chocolate, or a mix of all these but I’m becoming
more aware of prioreties in life.

I guess I kind of started waking up to this last week? or beginning of
this week? But it just stated feeling like I had been neglecting the
wrong things for the longest time and seeing how far I was moving away
from things that I think are ultimatly far more important.

I feel like since the end of college I grew more and more obsessed with
the idea of finding sexual partners just for the sake of experiencing
what seems like something I ought to be able to experience. However 2 years
or so later, I know feel like I should be focused more on what I was focused
on when I was in college. On the human condition.

I think it’s best that I don’t even focus getting people to like me, maybe
not even to respect me. Iunno. I think the most meaningful thing, the thing
that would make my life feel like, well make me feel like I’m living the way
I should, is to just focus on improving or social state.

The state, the problem, is actually that while we have left the cave man
age, we still act as if we have to fight off lions. We still have the mentality
that we need hierarchy, and dominance, and money to make sure everyone does their
part. We are living in many ways as if in scarcity, and it is mostly philosophical
misconceptions that we are believing in that are keeping us feeling this way
and then we take them on and they become biological.

For instance. The idea that a guy should get the most attractive girl he can,
is philosophical although based on evolution it is a cognitive thing only.
Guys think its not far that so and so gets with the hot girls and no one else.
To some extent it is probably the guys fault if they don’t understand women
ect and that comes with education and experience. However, after that there will
still be a skew towards most attractive with most attractive, although there
will be outliers. This might have been a problem in a time of scarcity but now
it’s not and all there is now is people perpetrating a false belief based on the
idea that your mate determines your worth. This worth is an abstraction of
the need to be supported and feel like you can support others in times
of scarcity but it warped into wanting a trophy wife as a symbol of worth that
as little importance now.

I got on the bus and saw a girl with the nicest legs I’ve seen in a while
and it distracted me from my meaning for most of the bus ride to school. Then
I realized, I don’t NEED to talk to her, to meet her. I don’t need to be with the
hottest girl I can find. I just don’t. People shower those girls and guys wih
attention making them seem to everyone and themselves like they are so important
but the reality of the modern age is that they ought to focus on more important
things than that. We have evolved to the point where we can look past ourselves
and basic needs and focus on love ect and we should probably take the opportunity
to do so. At least those of us who can, where as those who can’t I guess will
be more of an emergency power supply for human life which should be downplayed
hard by everyone else so as not to remain distracted.

This isn’t to say I don’t want to have sex or meet someone I like, it’s just
that I think my prioreties should be adjusted to reflect reality.

I grew up with a lot of love in my family and I still have very loving
family support and I think I ought to role with that instead of fighting
for something more primitive and scarce. So I think I ought to role with that
and focus on improving society and how people see the world, in order to kind
of uplift society to one that is living in a more meaningful way, a way where
they don’t end up thinking their lives were a waste because they couldn’t save
anyone from a burning building, or get the hottest girl, or be the first to do
something amazing ect. I want to uplift people so that they feel their lives
are meaningful so they don’t become the tyler durdens and robert polsons of
the future, or end up on their death bed crying or cynical about a life they
felt was worth nothing to themselves or anyone.

I feel that if everyone or at least most people, were focused on doing meaningful things because they knew how good it felt and that there was nothing standing
in the way of that feeling in this day and age, no lions tigers and bears,
that money would become obsolete. Even if some people decided they did’nt
want to work, and just wanted to reep the benifits of the hard work of others
,it wouldn’t matter, not now, because this is the age of abundance.


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