Becoming literate in Chinese, my developing method Part 1

I study every other day. Never every day because doing it every other day means the day off is one where I think about other things. This way there is no build up of anticipation about my development in the language. So ofcourse it is important to have other goals to focus on with at least as much intensity. This kind of thing I think will keep me from getting bored of something enjoyable, as well it will keep me from becoming to over emotional and burn out.

Next the Immersion

I am focusing on buidling a chinese environment online for the most part. Youtube, wordpress, hotmail, moxilla firefox, ect, all in chinee. Then I am picking around 25 stand out words from those environments to srs, mostly one word at a time, although I might do sentences. I don’t write, but I observe the components to help me memorize. I did a lot of the youtub environment over two sessions and knwo I can navigate most of the basic stuff in Chinese which means I might never need to change the language back which means I will always know that much Chinese.

I will probably go that way for the next bit, maybe some sentences like warnings ect as they show up.

Next, extensive scanning

This is an ace in the whole almost. Pick a word, translate it into the language, google or find a book where that word comes up a lot, and then skim every word until you come across that world 10 times (I chose ten just cause it’s nice and small) When doing this, you obsorb so many other words, how they come together ect. Even if you don’t know what they mean, you will know what they are related to. This plus the stuff above, especially if you do this with words related to youtube or whatever part is in your immersion environment, you will get so used to seeing some words so soon that you will just naturally want to know what they mean, and remember them way faster.

The other thing

It seems this word search game is more fun than just reading.
1) It is a short thing and with many rewards along the way
2) The rewards are randomized
3) The rewards are based on what you know, there wont be any failure because you are perfectly suited to find that one word you know, you will find it just about every time. No negative feedback.

I think this could actually turn into a much bigger game if a short article was used as a game board with mana being tapped to travel or do other things with your avatar, and key words having effects bad and good when landed on. For instance “creature” could mean a random creature attacks your avatar, ect.

Anyways, I feel this is an excellent way to combine passive input of many characters, as well active learning of a word, and all in a way that is not very strenuous the word will be learned just based on the 2-5 min of searching for it over and over and seeing the other words and characters surrounding it which add context. I feel like if I did 20 of those wrord searches that woul be a good 20 words a day in under an hour. The words would be good meaning I would know them and remember them enough that I wouldn’t fail any of them on srs reps and would know them very quickly. Iunno, I still have to test this but I feel this is a better method than just putting in words to a deck and goign through them until memorized. So this method combined with learning words in environment, should be great. Also I think I need to decide which words I’ll use for the word searches. I could even take words out of immersion, and then word search them, and then add them to the srs. Or I can word searh any other words I think are interesting, iunno.

Or I can word search words in a subject I woud like to read, or a book ect. Just word search 20 words from said book, passivly taking all the sentence structures and patterns as I go. If I do that for a month. Thats 20×15(cause every other day = 300 words, targeted words, to add to my vocabulary. Or I can even take a book or article and go through the same article but wordsearching different words. Although that might be far more boring, it would be pretty effective in getting more exposure to previous words I’ve learned passivly as I learn new ones and quickly gain ability to read that article.


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