Empathetic Future

Is it true that the future of work will be more about empathy, and creativity and meaning. While the past , agriculture, industrialization, knowledge economy ect were all left brained and narrow focus. This would be an eye opening idea and it actually seems to make sense especially in light of the movement towards artificial intellegence.
I also feel that the people who make the most money will on average be the people who are the least empathetic, least emotionally intellegent, the least self-compassionate, ect. I mean I can even see in myself when I focus on money it is mostly out of a sensen of alsmost self hatred. However, unlike the people who just stick with the left brained work centered focus, I am not naturally that way. I am naturally extremely introspective, compassionate, empathetic, ect. I mean, I’m not as emotionally available as some people, dealing with angry people, sad people, ect face to face is draining for me, but I still see te big picture that human suffering should be dealt with asap.

I just want to quickly make a guess that that would be certian mbti types that are the majority, and who gravitate towards the work, the doing, the action oriented pursuits, where as other types, the minority, would be more contemplative. I will alo guess that the reason the contemplative types have been the minority is because throughout history so far, doers where on average better at surviving. However in this day and age survivin is not a problem so types are becoming more diverse and there is an increase in people who have abilities in more soft and social and philosophical areas.

See I feel like the emapthetic types where second class citezens throughout history but that this is changing as the workers are realizing that there is not as much work that really really needs doing and so they are forced to look around at what is left which is the state of humanity. Then this is where the heart warmers get to play theire part as they become basically spiritual educators ect. By the same token there will be more of a focus on intrinsic motivators like helping others because it feels good, instead of for money(although payment will still be needed at least at this point), instead of the focus that has been all along which was on survival which means extrinsic motivators. Also I’ll add that it can be had to even be in touch with intrinsic motivations factors when you are so distracted by the extrinsic ones. This is where that zen stuff about letting go might come into play for me at least in terms of letting go of money and being appreciated ect, and letting more intrisnic motivations be heard.

It seems very hard to get this idea because we are used to learn from the past but all of history has been about survival where as now it’s about enlightenment. It’s totally different. We doing pursue art in 2014 based on people who in 2013 couldn’t get work. They think, oh well in 2020 I will want to start a family, can I do it on art, probaby not. However, there is a possibility that by 2020 artists will be in extremely high demand, at least artists who are focused on bettering people in the newly right ways.

heh, or we can all be hypocrits, pretending we are working to “contribute to society” and meanwhile letting 10% of that society fall through the cracks…or do they not count. What are we contributing to? What is society? Is society made up of all the people, the old and the young, the technicians and the artists, everyone with all of their desires? Or is society only the upper class doers, and then the rest of the world, their entertainment?


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