Beauty and Human Potential

I thought about programming as a career, and maybe it’s me being in a positive
and horny state that makes me feel like I can do better, but yeah.
I feel like I cna do much better, through focus on philosophy, which is like,
a bigger picture. Iunno, it just seems like programming and math are very narrow
pursuits, but philosophy, if explored from a productive point of view, can have
a huge impact on everything.

So I was thinking about beauty and how a lot of what I and other people like is
related to it. I feel like beauty is about things being efficient, and novel(which
maybe is a form of efficiency since randomness is pretty efficient in that in means accessing infinite possibilities. However I want to keep it in a category of it’s own for now.

I mean I guess creativity could be even more of a broad categorie that beauty fits into but I’ll talk about beauty for now since it’s something I feel passionate about. I feel passionate about it btw in that I feel possible the only thing motivating me to not just be homeless is that maximizing the beauty of myself and my environment depends on money at least in part. Also just freedom. I also wonder if on some level beauty, or the focus on creating it, is what freedom is about.

By beauty I mean as taken in by te five senses. I mean I do feel that things that feel good at a cognitive and emotional level like someone with a a beautiful personality, or a beautiful philosophical idea, can be beautiful. Iunno I guess it doesn’t seem like those things depend on money. Also I’ll add that something like a house, would not be beautiful to me if it was not structurally sound, just as a girl can’t be beautiful to me if she ha a bad personality to me.

It’s just that I wonder if maybe since beauty depends on efficiency and novelty, maybe the same concepts that create efficient and novel stimulations for the five sences would also apply to things like structural integrity of a building, or social work. I mean, it seems that this would be the case, since for the most part, things that are more efficient, are better, and things that are novel also have a great chance at being somehow more efficient and in a new way.

So I wonder if it would make sence to focus on beauty, as it taken in by the five sences as a study on efficiency and novelty as can be created by the human mind. Applying findings from breakthroughs in beauty of the 5 sences to findings in a general theory that can be applied to other areas. Either that, or focusing from the start on thinkin of how to do everything more efficiently.

However, I guess no matter how much I learn about efficiency and novelty, it wouldn’t compare to what humanity as a whole, and the universe as a whole can produce. Since there may be other people looking at the same things, but in many different ways, coming up with many other ideas. What I wonder is if I should focus my path on artistic expression or economic expression, and if I should do that through focus on novelty, or on purity(efficiency), or both, ect, and what I areas I should focus those things towards, and who I shoul be trying to show my products to, masses, or a few people I could blow away with it.

Also I think it would be best that I focus on both novelty and efficiency, so I don’t end up with things that are novel but in a stupid way.

Anyways, I think if I find human productivity and development to be so important, maybe I should focus on developing and at the same time recording my own, and ways I can improve on it based on results of those ways I try.

I wonder if there is any point focusing on trying to teach people how to do things or if there are enough things for people to read and people have enough potential to discover new things and improve on there own in new ways. Well I guess I might as well record what I do anyways because if someone likes what I do enough to ask, I want to be able to tell them what they want to know.

Also, if the sense of beauty was based on the person sensing their environement is good for there genes, would that mean that if someone created beauty, they have become better for their genes, or that they have the potential to be better if they put there creativity towards something meaningful, or that te fact that they can do something like art, means their environement is conducive in some way to being good for their genes, maybe a signal that if they are alive and doing their art, it must mean the species as a whole is producing people who are that creative.

If it were the last thing that were true, then maybe what people need is more and better music ect, so people can see that the world is better, down to their genes, and therefore less civil unrest.

and I’ll add that maybe if there were more songs that were done by 4 people and the reiterated by another 4 people or so, there would be more stuff outthere like the tin fed remix. Also there would be more people realizing the value of working together on something like this and possible create music that is absolutly transendant. Maybe it would just be a reflexion of the genetic situation of present, but actually I think it would serve to enhance it, if only through more people working together out of love instead of separating or only working together out of fear. At most, people will create music that actually affects a person at the genetic level, pushing the body to heal diseases. Also ideas as far as how people shoulw work together, team based iterations, and other ideas, would be transferable to any field.

So even if things like music and art where nothing but a form of genetic catharsis, it would still be extremely usefule as such.

I think I might be at a point where I realize the only way I will work to my full potential is if I work with other people and get other people working based on ideas I’ve shown them. I just feel like I am pushing towards more and more vision and it has a lot of potential. More than anything else I could do. I mean, sure I could do programming and make money eventually, but is that all I want to do. I’m in a good mood right now, zin, vitamin d, doing well on tests, hanging out with friends tmr, working out, mangoes, ect, and these are my thoughts. That my most productive state will be coming up with revolutionary philosophical social ect ideas and showing people who will act on them(with me, until/unless I have another project to start on)

Iunno, those are the thoughts of the night, after maybe days thinking about doing something like programming just to be making money. Iunno, today, and espcially after listening to louis ck talk about accepting loneliness, and after seeing how little progrmaming feels like it offers me, I just feel I can do better for myself. That’s today though. Maybe it’s that I actually feel like I have options now that I’m hanging out with people more. I don’t want it to be that way. I would much rather be lonely but know that in sticking to my guns I am sitting on a gold mine and can invite people to it, than feel like the only reasons I feel confident is becauseĀ  of company.

Well, maybe it’s getting late lol, but I’m going to write this last bit. This is the idea that I could and maybe already do create iterations on the beautiful things other people already create. I mean most of what I create is inspired and influenced by something else. So it’s not like I(or anyone really) is some all original artist thingy. So anyways, what I had been feel was that what I create, even in areas like music, ever seems to measure up to what I feel is possible, and that is what want, to bring amazing possibilities into existence. So I’m thinking, while I wait and see who wants to join me, maybe I could at least do remix and that sort of thing, of stuff I like, putting my own spin on things this way. See I know one area of entrepreneur ship is improving things that already exist. Btw, see I’m seeing this idea first from an artist perspective, influenced by team sleep remix of a song called drop by tinfed. It’s one of the best songs I’ve ever hear It made me realize the power of improving something that already exist. I mean, I guess Deftones and team sleep have there own music as well, very original at that, and they are a band. Also mash ups are good. Putting many good ideas together in a way that makes them fit. This is way easier in something like music than something like programming, but the idea still exists. Stuff like fan fiction and like Dante. So I guess if I wanted to do something on my own, I could expect that putting many other peoples ideas that I like, together, and with my own spin on it, would have good results and may be a natural way of functioning for me.

It would be like, instead of starting with nothing, and trying to create novel things by changing how I think each time, like trying to be different on purpose, I could take my tastes and add them or react with them, to other peoples tastes. At least this would work for all the time I don’t have anything original to express but still want to be productive and inspired. It’s good to have something to react to.



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