Psychsomatic… Cont…Fun and Games

So last post ended with me deciding that basically my focus should be on mind-body(psychsomatic) health using all forms of beauty(music, art, ect) as well as the normal things(shower, jog, sleep), to improve my self spiritually and as something to do and maybe even get paid for writing about. Well that’s all well and good, but I felt something was missing. I felt that I would be far to Si, and that everything else would stagnate. Although I guess realistically I would just get bored an seek out something interesting. I was thinking, is it my ego, wanting to keep improving, especially in the area of intelligence?

Two ways I’ve thought of to do this,

One, games(which I noticed a spike in improvement this past Friday even though I didn’t play at all since march, only writing)

Two, find more things wrong with my life so I am motivated to go on another obsessive philosophical quest to solve them. (For example, I got on this idea that I need more excitement in my life, something meaningful, and for almost two years, that has been my thing. What’s next? Will I someday feel content and turn my focus to others. Or will my help come from me having fun first. Is fun more motivating than problems. Aren’t problems a form of fun, like challenging video games? Are they anywhere close to challenging enough for me to feel achievement in playing them? Do I need to create new and more challenging games? Do I need to be playing against others so that 1) I have a standard to compare too and to hep each other improve, and 2) to even enjoy the experience? If my personal growth will be compared to that of others, then I guess it will always require social environments? Or should my personal growth be for myself, should I have things I find worth improving? Are there things worth improving right now that I’m just not thinking about?

Philosophy games like are kind of interesting, although that one was not that challenging. Also if it’s just logic then and facts then I can divide my edutainment needs into to categories

1) Facts, learning more interesting things based on well…interest, even if it’s magic the gathering stories I guess lol, and it would b especialy good if I read more about spirituality, perhaps podcasts as that seems  be the new and high-efficiency model. Although I may be to independent of a thinker for most of them.

2) Do things with logic. Games like Magic the Gathering would be good. Even some factual based things have logical components built in and if they are challenging enough they can be fun, like death note for instance.

So Basically I need to have a focus on entertainment, and a focus on psychosomatic wellness. Kind of a Ne/Si Ying Yang thing.

Another thing is that it seems one of the most interesting things for me is human potential, and the more fun way of studying that for me is through reading about other cool human beings, both fictional and real, and even creating some of my own in day dreams. I feel one of the biggest jumps in my personal development came from reading about richard cypher/rahl, the next came while watching copius amounts of tv shows especially super hero shows. Then came one that actually resulted in me creating my own amazing character based on the entp type before I new it was a type, then, maybe the next is now while I figure out what to do with my life, although that involves more than just personal development.

Iunno, also I think diversity is very important and with so much out there I guess I can afford to be picky with my material.

Also it seems being more open minded is better.

Also another game idea would be a live action strategy like sc but the game is played on giant controller pads the players have to stand on and run from button to button to enter commands which will be macros so the game doesn’t take for ever. This could be a very intense game. Wouldn’t be to hard to do something like this, I mean you could get make a giant keyboard with hot keys and just go for it. The screen could be a projector on some screen.

So I wonder if I should focus on fun for the sake of personal development, or is that not natural. It seems to beat focusing on learning stuff just for a job, if I can learn them for fun and end up in a job anyways.

Also it seems as I think I’ve said before, games, especially video games seem to contain or have potential to contain all elements of personal or at least cognitive development. The only thing they don’t have I guess is whatever is not developed yet. Other ideas that haven’t been thought of, ideas for games, and ideas for life that can be added to games.

So I am seeing some more importance of fun(inspired, passionate, ect) as a focus for my life. I feel like it is the natural force for personal development, at least for me, and therefore I feel it could not only replace “work” and “education” if I know what I’m doing, I feel it is spiritual as well. If I could find fun to be my ultimate direction, I guess I could stop being so conscious of my development , giving me more time for other people even as well as for my health.

The thing that stands out a lot is that I have in live been more often attracted to learning when there was a social element involved(barring zelda because it was a masterpeice, although it was also marketed in a social way, iunno, it just seemed important, also beautiful). However, yeah if it’s games I often find either there has to be something mysterious (and beautiful?), or there has to be some challenge that involves other people and that I find a worth while challenge.

Another cool idea is making cool designs for giant jungle gyms that are beautiful and also safe even with heights, and that cool games like gounders? can be played on.Skate parks with softer f-ing floors so people don’t die if they fall. Or even floors that collapse if force is beyond is caused by rolling over it.  Wonder what could be explored with more complex jungle gyms. For one it would add a sorely need physical element for people who aren’t content to just run around a field with nothing to explore. I feel the 3d and even hints and higher dimensions through screens and use of light and reflections ect, could become very stimulating for all personality types, not to mention the games that could be added to it. I think the playing feild of future sports will be 3 dimensional and jungle gyms are a great start. Especially making them with the types of puzzles you find in zelda temples. Not even just puzzles, but hopefully things were there arn’t even any hints but there are secrets and you have to think outside the box and guess and check and uncover the secrets that way, which will be based on (someone else’s) logic. Architecture, symbolism, design, ect. So a puzzle exploration, strategy game that is also physical.

I wanna focus on fun things like this. I mean, I’ll try to do a lot of different fun things as expose myself to different ideas about life ect and people, to keep the fun well rounded, but I can see a lot of fun ideas coming to me now that I think about it. Also as I study psychology, I can do experiments and get involved with experiments to improve a persons ability in games.

Also I just realized, stories written to move people, to inspire people ect, become like a source of fun that is also like bringing a person face to face with other peoples problems, which may compel the reader to take action. That would be interesting.


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