MBTI of the Chinese Language: Symbolism:Learning styles

I thought through a bunch of different ways of learning Chinese but I think I’ve settled on etymology because of zhongwen.com which

shows the etymology very clearly and how words connect. Through this it is easy to see that Chinese is a language heavily based on symbolism which I think makes it such a rich written language as it contains a history within it’s pictures. As well this makes me wonder if maybe people should try to create another written language of symbols based on the present time. It would be easy to introduce to society if it was done slowly. In fact I think it is already being done especially in electronics with icons for settles universally being represented by a gear, ect. So it is interesting to see these symbols being born in a language specifically for technology, almost as if technology is becoming another level of abstraction.

Anyways, I realized what attracts me to Chinese more than any other language is that it uses symbols that can be understood and are based on something else which will automatically also be understood. I also feel that it is because of my personality type that loves making connections, that I feel so strongly about this language. So I have to hypotheses to make now.

1) That the Chinese writing system was invented by an Intuitive or rational or NP or something like that. Especially since it was started by a more shamanistic sect of Chinese which would most likely be Ns at least.
2) That this type may gravitate towards the language, or otherwise find benefit and growth from it more than most other types who don’t think in the same way.

So my plan for edutainment in learning Chinese now is to learn through etymology, which results in almost instantaneous understanding for me actually, and still not too many words per day, but something, and then review. Should only take 10 min in total, although at the same time it seems more would not be better because I would quickly find my motivation fade. Another thing is I should probably have fun things in Chinese so I might check out and maybe even produce some very short stories with pictures ect, to start of my learning.

So, what I am wondering, is if there are natural ways of developing for each type that people need to follow in order for their lives to be a constant stream of edutainment. Oh, and I could use the Hanzi to make drawings as if the symbols where actually picture components instead of just words. Then i could make scenes with the characters I learn that are based on that history. Or would it be easier to study ancient Chinese history like the very start of the writing and just get into it? Mostly I just want the language as painlessly as possible, for the love of it. Not the money actually because I know I’m money now, if I focus on things like this, like edutainment, in order to empower myself.

10 Characters, form a picture that uses them all in an understandable way
repeat until bored?

I say if I’m learning it because I want to know it, it’s fun, as long as I don’t set a schedule or a due date, AND I think as long as I can use everything I learn as I learn it, not needing to reach some critical max before I can have fun.

Now it seems we are creating a whole other economy based around edutainment. For example, I would love to have cool comics that are graded, but making my own just doesn’t seem like it would be the same. however, I might be motivated by the fact that if I make them, they will exist for others to use, and that I will get practice even if not enjoyable by making them, and other people may join in finally providing me something would enjoy.

Also I think sooner rather than later, I will be familiar enough with the radicals and components that I will be able to guess at the meanings of many other characters from them. At this point if not before, I will easily be able to start reading. In fact, maybe I should start reading, with a dictionary, from the start, and for each unknown, go through and use the etymology to understand the dual meanings of the words. That would kind of bridge the gap between learning and enjoying actually. Then it would be:

Open comic
Look up first character’s etymolgy, 2nd, 3rd, few more
then understand what the first picture in the comic means, and all those characters

Then I can decide, how much time do I want to spend reading a comic every day. I could spend very little time, but if I’m actually interested I guess and hope, it will be more about spacing out the fun.

hmm, the next thing I want to address social gamification and how much more enjoyable that often is for me. So do I really want to read comics, or am I doing it just to learn the language. What do I really want to do. Learn more about the culture? Iunno, I think I wanna do cool things with people, like play mtg, and therefore that is what I should be trying to do in Chinese. The exchange of ideas, through Chinese. Give and take.

Also, names are good. If I come up with ideas for cool characters or stories or ideas, I would want them to have cool names. Chinese would be great here because the characters that make up names have meanings behind them so I could use those add significance to my ideas. I could just come up with characters ect for fun, and then just title them based on Chinese characters that relate to them. Then since they would be based on etymology, there would be an instant absorption of those names.

I though of this because in MTG, one of the things that I like the most are the names. Even in English, the names have specific qualities. I just think that in Chinese there is a whole other level to that.

Ah, ok, I got it. sure I can learn something like 10 hanzi, but I need to retain it. Even a good movie isn’t full retained. To retain it there has to be rehearsal. In order to want to do the rehearsal it needs to be fun. In order for it to be fun it needs to either be social things, or, interesting things. Especially since hanzi are smaller concepts they are more easily forgotten especially when many are learned. This bad if they aren’t interesting. Good if they are, because if they are, rehearsal would basically mean being able to enjoy it again without being tired of it as fast. So basically what I think I should do is focus on learning and recording only interesting hanzi AND words, and then being able to review for enjoyment. Also, if it does become fun, there will be more of a motivation to not get tired of it by learning all at once. I will be naturally more conservative. So the only real work will be in collating the interesting Hanzi. So since this is work, that means I can provide other people with the fruits of this work as well, at least those who share my taste.





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