The Proper Ordered Use Cognitive Functions

Use of cognitive functions In order(according to

1) Ne to discover and come up with new ideas

2) Ti to make sense with of them and even act on them

3) Fe to share the results of the first two with others

4) Si to stay healthy and weighted integration of how rewarding the first three were?

5) Repeat

The reason I put repeat as a step is because I can think of events where the major cognitive process starts with something other than Ne like for instance Si, including this whole blog, but an even more interesting example is when I got kicked very hard a tae kwon do class.

Here is the process for that, in the order that it happened:

1) Si It hurts, I can’t even

2) Ne Am I dying? I could have done so many other things with my life, I have so many other options

3) Ti I’m quitting after this, why would I subject myself to something like this

4) Fe I wonder how everyone else feels about me on the ground crying out it pain

and the process for creating this blog

1) Si I feel like I have nothing going on in my life, I’m wasting away and have no freedom

2) Ne What should I do with myself, I’ll explore all the things I could be interested in, as well as myself
3) If I chose this path, what would happen, how do I feel, is this good for my personality type and why

4) I’ll put this online so other people can benefit

VS out of order

1) Si I need a job so I can have a life and have freedom

2) Si I’ll do what everyone else is doing

3) Ne ok now that I’m here, what can I enjoy about this

4) Te hmm, transistors?

5 )Fe “hey, I’ve been doing some cool stuff at school that I don’t really find interesting and don’t feel like even sharing…”

This is out of order because I use Si for feeling like I need to do something, but then I guess I kind of use it to choose the path as well, just choosing based on what I see other people doing and that might have been interested only as I never did it before.

What to use Ne on:

So what I am realizing is that even if I’m isolated, if I am using Ne to explore, it seems I will always be occupied. The trick is to decide what to use Ne to explore, so I took a top down approach to philosophically determine what is important and I came out with:
1) I could focus on social work/policy/ helping people who are victims basically, but I hope in time there will be no victims, and then what job would I have wanted

2) Technology, but I hope eventually there would be no need for technology, at least not as much for health and basic survival reasons, and then what

3) Exploration, especially of life and self and others. As well, I feel like exploration of these things is really one of the main things that kept me going, as well I feel that doing so in these areas will help us overcome the suffering of 1) and to some extent 2).

Philosophy on the possible effectiveness of this method:

I read a comment on personality junkie that was meant for infps or infs or even just nfs, but it was basically about doing what you believe in and a career will present itself. I kind of think that nfs of at least ones strong fi are more inclined to have one main interest like music or something that they are sure they would like to make a career out of. However I feel like NTPs may have less of a singular direction but that if we have a general idea of where we want to head in terms of the bigger picture. I feel it’s about exploration of the big picture and more likely for ENTPs it’s also about acting on discoveries with vision.

I wonder though if all ENTPs really want the same thing, have the same bigger picture, and just get veered off course at some point, or if it really is that we all have different but most likely related big pictures of what we want. I mean, I know some entps are super passionate about computers where as I am not. Is it because they grew up around them and gained aptitude faster, were encouraged, are more focused on money, see computers as the big picture lol, ect? On the other hand is me and I’m way more into the philosophy and psychology and spiritual side of life. Is it nature or nurture and if it is nurture, is it wrong, should it be altered? Either way I feel my focus on the big picture is at the expense of discipline and focus on one area, especially one  have less interest in.

I feel like the more social sciences, even though they seem to be gaining in popularity, will be the last economic revolution to take place because until that point, most people are still focused on material possessions and living longer. Another example that I guess is less introspective but because of this it relates to more personality types is the fitness industry. This industry is really about personal growth and it’s fairly new, however it is becoming fairly influential. Meditation and things like that are also gaining traction. I feel like the longer a history a culture has, the more relevant these things become so places like China and India and places with a strong native influence would have more experience with it than places like North America. At the same time, the North American influence is so strong that it is kind of distracting new generations of other countries from these activities, but as it quickly matures, it is finding the usefulness of the health things. Mean while, as it matures as a super power, other already matured countries have taken a step back to rebuild their foundations based on the new standards set by the super power.

I could be that being raised by two f type parents influenced me more towards spiritual and holistic things, however, I feel it is more likely in my genes that I understand the importance of those things and gravitate towards them. It could be that I know better than anyone else what we should be focusing on, but I feel more likely that it is that I know what is better for me as both a personal focus, and what I can contribute to others. Among my friends I am definitely an authority on fitness and maybe even becoming one on psychology as well.


Anyways, I feel if I did take this route or the larger one of human development and life ect, it might not be enough to just start a fitness blog, or to become a personal trainer. I might have to go through all the cognitive functions, Ne explore, Ti reflect on new information, Fe share, and Si take care of myself + judge if what I’m doing is still fulfilling.









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