Inferior Si Vs Ne Dominant and career search solutions, and Ti

Inferior Si

why I chose to study a subject in college that wasn’t my main interest.

why I felt like I should keep dating someone when my Ne, and my Ti where against it

why I had a long spell of anxiety and hypocondria during the college

why I feel trapped by my Ne’s desire to keep exploring more options

Apparently understanding my Si is something that is supposed to happen in my 30’s , but I guess because I have so many resources at my disposal now, I am understanding things even sooner.

See I am trying to be true to myself, and what true to ones self is for most people doesn’t seem to be what it is for
and ENTP. For me it seems more based on what is practical in that my Ne will be satisfied in that it can keep exploring things that are interesting, and also that my Si will be satisfied in that I will have some stability. Just as in relationships, it’s not as much about the romantic feelings for me.

I need that balance. Jogging helps bring that balance to me just in how it improves my health, but still, I think my Si wants self-sufficiency and even more decisiveness in my goals. When I am in school full time, my Si is satisfied because I have somewhere to be almost every day and I’m around people and learning, and have goals to work on. When I study a few days for a test and then complete it and do good, afterwards I feel kind of high because of the achievement. I think Fe might enter into the picture as well with me feeling even better than I am a part of a class, and we all took the tests. However, I think even on my own like with something like programming, it can help my Si relax because I am doing something I know is valuable. The trick is doing something I know is working towards more independence, while at the same time that gives my Ne enough freedom. So I think I’ve used Ne a lot over the past 2 years to explore ideas, to make up from the 3 years I followed my Si and mostly ignored my Ne. Now though my Si, is screaming about it, I have to use Ti? to make decision based on both Ne and Si?

Writing seems like the best option. Focusing on the study of psychology, and writing about certain areas, MBTI probably a big one, would allow my stability as I can produce real value others can use, and also it will allow Ne enough freedom because I can write about anything as long as it’s valuable so I can choose things that I find interesting(meaning I’ll be better at it and enjoy it), I will have more independence because I’m writing and don’t need a whole research team at all times(good for Si) and I can rely more on my ability to make connections and coming up with new insights and ideas using Ne and Ti. Fe even, because as I write about these things, I will attract an audience, a community around myself and my interests and will be helping people. Also I can write fiction on the side and would have an audience and more interesting material to weave in. Also I can write about what I’m studying in school ahead of time and possibly get paid for my insights on it.

Electronics was not using my interests, although I wonder if there is a reason some entp are interested in technology while others aren’t I assume it isn’t a reflection on intelligence or balance of personality. I assume it’s based on other genetic factors that wont have an affect of life quality. I was never too interested in technology, always more philosophical which I think is also very Ti, just not as practical. Maybe I just had other interests that over shadowed technology, or also I didn’t have parents who are very into technology and our family was late in getting a computer, ect. Also I was simply always more interested in what I could become as a human being, which had very little to do with technology, I was way more into psychology and physiology, and still am.

I also wonder if part of wanting independance is for personal development reasons of Ti? Like, my passion for freedom, being able to do whatever I want, ect. This would mean both my introverted functions want my independence. Although I feel Ne would also want freedom, which independence brings.



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