Volunteerism = RPG Lifestyle: ENTP Volunteer Ideas

I basically blew my mind last night about this so now I want to put everything together again here.

In RPG an games in general, people are willing to do things for no reward except the fact that they are contributing the a world that does not even exist. As well, people exercise, walk, jog, ect, use physical energy for no reason. However, actually helping people in the real world for free most people don’t enjoy. Well, people exercise to not become unhealthy. I figure it’s that in video games the persons desire to make a significant contribution is satisfied where as in most jobs and volunteering it doesn’t seem to be the case. If it did, the person would enjoy helping, in much the same way as in hunter gatherer societies, bringing food back for the tribe was rewarding in itself.

For me, I am hard pressed to have some one pay my for working on a task I’m not “qualified” to do. However, I still want to work on those task. I realize that as a rational type, I find most satisfaction while working towards solving a problem. Probably not everyone feels this way but I do, and to the extent where I feel most alive, and maybe even most social, when I am working with people to achieve something. Especially(most) something I feel uses my at least some of my strengths.

I feel that for me at this point where I’m not qualified to be paid to do anything I feel is worth while, volunteering, especially in many different areas is probably the best way for me live basically. I mean, I need time for myself, just like I would take breaks from gaming, just not this much.

So what type of volunteering do I want to do? Well I realize if it doesn’t use my strengths I wont enjoy it or be motivated to do it. So what I think I would enjoy in whatever area I work in, is research. Working in research means building knowledge which is one small step way from applying that new knowledge, or using it to develop new ideas. However, research is not easy to get into, even on a volunteer basis, without at least some experience with statistic software ect. This makes me thing I should learn that stuff first, and fast. That makes me think I should either learn it ahead of time for my classes, or start a research group with some other people and find causes to research on. This way we can motivate each other and help each other learn fast. It just seems to me that even doing something that is my strength, like research, without the element of working with other people, it doesn’t feel meaningful. Like needing a quest in a video game.

I mean, maybe if I conducted research by asking people about their research, it would be social. That’s another idea. So conducting interviews with people about their research?

So my ideas so far(mainly for psychology):

– Volunteer as a researcher at school or with some other organization (probably mental hospital ect) *Quest style*
– Start a research club at school and/or online and pick a few good problems to focus on *Visionary style*
– Start a solo research project based on interviews (podcasts, youtube, or maybe just blog) *Casual relationship building style?*
– Do all of these*

Also another thing I think about is that I enjoy research when there are breakthroughs. “aha moments”. So I need to pick an area where I can have those or I’ll get bored fast. That’s another reason I prefer psychology over something like physics. In psychology, I am already having aha moments all the time.


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