Thoughts on fulfillment: Quests: See the last 2 paragraphs to learn about quests in real life!

*Long story short, and I mean long long story, I think the hero archetype that was inspired in me from movies, videogames, anime ect growing up could be fulfilled through volunteering with people where my strengths will be utilized. This would mean I could feel fulfilled long before any career becomes apparent. *

For a number of years, since high-school I guess, my focus, my obsession, was of becoming a hero of some sort. It was like, by biggest fantasy. I feel like my psyche was being built up to something. Something I was being more and more inspired to and attracted to by all the cool things I read and watched and played. Then my perspective when through some changes throughout college and I guess I become less optimistic about my passion. I started to feel like, to life out this fantasy of being the hero, taking pleasure in helping the helpless, is in a way unethical, not to mention what it would do to my self image and my outlook on reality if I achieved my goal. It would be a transitional period to say the least.

However, after giving that passion up, it seems I have nothing to fall back on. The only thing close to being such a hero, is in my dreams and in my fantasies. Next closest is this idea I had about simply being an “upstanding citezen”. Leading by example by doing the right thing in every situation. To me that then meant just doing what would make me happy, which I possible already disqualified myself from and with it off the table I simply looked at other options like music, art ect.

However, tonight I thought about the idea of a career, and work, and what it’s all about really. It’s all about contributing to society. So I can either contribute as a self sacrificing obligation, or simply for the money, or I can do something I actually find fulfilling. Either way the goal of contributing is to “do one’s part” in improving the world. The most fulfilling thing, may be to live out my fantasies of saving the world, or at least having the largest possible impact I can which I both hope and assume would mean using my strengths. I feel like what developed through what I might call the process of individuation that went on after highschool and through college, was philosophical for the most part, although I did develop a large knowledge base in general. I just feel that the thoughts I was having that were fulfillment oriented were based on heroism and philosophy/ethics.

I just put on the final fantasy X soundtrack because I feel like it really stands for everything I want out of life. The fulfillment of having a major impact through the use of my strengths, or at least the biggest impact possible and for it to be through my strengths, and then the adventure that comes with that lifestyle. See I’m not content to just be a student, taking in information. I feel like I need to be using my creativity in the way that will benefit the world the most. One thing that may be keeping me from using my creativity may be my environment. If I’m not around other people, hearing about their challenges, and in a position where I can make changes, then what can I do. What would even motivate me to do anything. So in someways I feel society itself stands in the way of me being fulfilled in contributing as I am not being given a chance. Not to say I am qualified, I couldn’t say. However, the difference between real life and video games, is in video games you are always qualified to contribute to saving the world. From the very start, you get a quest. There is no 4 year waiting time. There is not chrysalis stage of being/feeling removed from the rest of the world, in some bubble.

In good video games, the protagonist/player is invited to another world that needs their help. I guess in reality, the only way we can get the feeling of being needed in that way is if we make the effort to be involved. Once we make that effort, volunteer effort, in places where we actually fit in, where we know or strengths will be needed, we can get inspired by the surrounding needs, and in the case of entps, we can come up with ways to improve the situation for the people we are helping. It seems that as societies get larger, the rite of passage to become a contributing member of it becomes less and less defined, and less and less supported. However, I might even say this leaves people less self-actualized than men and women were/are in hunter gatherer societies where the work is already ct out for them. In hunter gatherer societies when men come back from a hunt, if they have caught something, their testosterone rises as they make their way back to the village with their food. It’s like a reward for a job well done. Not the best job relative to the nuclear physicists or whatever, but the best in context of their society. They are the heroes. Not only that, but the society supports I’m sure at least almost every one of them to learn as soon as possible how to be a contributing member of society in a that is very needed, that will have a huge impact on the welfare of the society. However, I guess I’m searching for that same level of impact, but in a way more advanced society, which does not see one person as having too much potential to affect it. So at the very least I will find a tribe/tribes within this society where my contributions will have that level of impact. That’s how this works I guess.

I enjoy helping my renovate his basement because I do have insights that end up being useful to him. Like more efficient ways of doing things. I might have to just volunteer in a lot of different places because it’s going to be hard to figure out exactly where my strengths will be best used. Academic areas will be a great start, so I hope to volunteer as a tutor for psych. However, I might need to volunteer in *politics, *governement or law enforcement, or some other socially aware campaigne in order to really get that sense of fulfillment. It’s not that I don’t have my own ideas. It’s just that most of them where inspired in a bubble and so they are less useful to the real world than what comes with actual experience of the world, not to mention I am less inspired to implement ideas with no meaningful target society. Also I wouldn’t mind starting smaller with more local organizations that I would be willing to support. I’d probably be going for non-profit, start-ups, ect, and probably ones doing more open-minded things so I feel more connected and useful.

****To end this post, I will say this, if anyone is interested in starting a local quest style thing where you get the names of organizations based on personal preferences, strengths, mbti, that a person would enjoy seeking quests from, I feel this may help put society on the right track as far as helping people find fulfillment earlier on in life. ****

I may do this at least for myself and the post the orgs for anyone else local to try as well.




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