Thoughts on ENTPs working in online communities of interests, and game design

Something I find interesting, maybe more now that I seem to be finding some success, is creating social experiences, or adding to social experiences using my innovative abilities.

One awesome example I can think of right now is when I went bowling for a friends birthday party and they rented two lanes and were running a game using them. I suggested someone go halves with me on a third lane for training purposes but no one, not even the person I expected to be interested was. However, as soon as I decided I needed it and would buy it anyway, then that guy said, wow you actually did it, ok I’ll give you half the money if I can use it, and someone else came and said can I use it too. That was cool.

More recently at in the beginner section I started a post basically saying, let’s all share the recent achievements, things we are proud of, for motivational purposes. That post is still “hot” after 4 days, 27 responses and over 1,400 views. (btw, this post was started before I started jogging again.

I have another idea, more of a funny one based on a character from the IT crowd named the German cannibal. I was thinking of starting a page on facebook asking people to like it if they would let him eat them, or share to help him find someone who would let them eat him. It seemed like a fun little role play experience and people can be devious for the fun of it and like or share and it might get popular.

I like that with these ideas, all I really do is plant a seed and people get involved on there own, freeing me up to focus on other things.

I have ideas for new sports like a more intense version of squash, but ideas like that will take a lot of effort and so maybe they aren’t as worth while for me to focus on. Although if it were as simple as inspiring someone else to start it I would, but it seems someone else would be having to put a lot more into it, where as with these 3 ideas above It was basically 1 for 1, but with many contributors turning it into something big.

I remember another ENTP I met in a college creative writing class and he had this idea that as a class we could all put our poems together on a website. I’m no in touch with him but if I was I would add to that now that we could all take some pictures and each use one as a background for out poems and then have the website kind of like an exploration of different poetic realms you have to traverse through. We could make it kind of like a story, or even create a story to interlink all of the poems together. I guess I could suggest this to another creative writing website forum and see who is interested. That is part of the trick I’ve realized. Finding the right audience, and maybe it’s important to have something you want to see accomplished, then making it a call to action for people to help out.

Kind of reminds me of an exercise I did by steve pavlina for finding my purpose where I just wrote for maybe 20min to 30min whatever came to mind as what my purpose was, and ended up with a lot of stuff about creating a community. I mean, I’m a rational type so I’m not super community oriented but I still really enjoy starting them around some specific goal.

Hmmm. So what did all those first 3 ideas have in common besides the fact that they came out of an inspired need. Well they were all based on how to increase my enjoyment of something. Oh, and also they were all related to game design in some way. The poetry one, the one I’m least interested in, was not about that, it was about getting poetry up on the web to be seen, which is not really an interest of mine although I do write poetry. Now that I think about it, I have been focusing a lot of my research and thinking on how to make my life an work enjoyable, game like even. Part of this I guess was inspired by, in how he focuses on that aspect of work directly.

I think what I need to do, is first do whatever I find fun, either original or someone else’s, and then as well as the usual ways I increase my enjoyment of things, I will start inviting other people in communities related to my interests, to join me in some way. For the longest time I was thinking if I want to start something it has to start in my bedroom by making my own website, and then slowly make it’s way out into the world. However that is the slowest way when everyone has many communities, some related to my interests already, where I can add my voice. So I think the better way would be to add my voice based on my interests, to the communities for those interests. From there I think, 1) I will make contacts with some people from each who can help me in other endeavors, and two, I will feel fulfilled for adding so much to so many people, through my interests. Also I feel that game design(especially as an aspect of an otherwise very real goal), makes the perfect focus for my attention when I feel bored but inspired enough that I feel like being productive.

Also, if what I’m seeking is self-actualization, which I think is more important to me than money, but I would hope people would support my life if I was self-actualized, then I should focus on self-actualization, not a career. A career seems like a socially accepted but poor substitute for self-actualization. A self-actualized person wont need a career imo. They will be beyond “career”.  I can’t help but think that for an NTs and especially ENTPs, self actualization will have a lot to do with them finding areas where they are learning awe inspiring things, and also contributing in awe inspiring ways, through their ideas more than anything. Although I guess beyond MBTI, different people posses different gifts, from artistic to physical to social-emotional, ect. So I guess it would be the actualization of all gifts?



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